A THOUSAND LITTLE CUTS (2022) Reviews of mystery drama



‘What really happened that night?’
A Thousand Little Cuts is a 2022 mystery drama film about a young woman who wakes up injured in a hospital with no idea of why she’s there.

Written, co-produced and directed by Josh Brandon (Black Bags). Produced by B.L. Fleischer, Peter Foldy and Ron Wiskup.

The Filmstreet-Spitfire co-production stars Marina Sirtis (The Bezonians), Colin Ferguson, Rebecca Liddiard, Randy Wayne, Maggie McClure and Andrew Creer.

A young woman wakes up in a hospital, convinced she is recovering from minor surgery only to find herself being interrogated by a psychiatrist who can’t let her leave until she remembers “what happened that night.”

Events turn a darker corner as doctor and patient try to unlock not only what traumatic event Anne is suppressing, but also who was there, why it happened, and why Anne’s subconscious is fighting so hard to prevent her from talking about it…


“Because A Thousand Little Cuts exists to walk us through the recovery process, the drama does not plumb the depths of despair. Instead, it maintains safe levels to serve as encouragement and a beacon of hope to those who’ve gone through similar experiences. As Anne, Liddiard gives a fantastic performance, capturing the complexities the subject matter deserves.” 8/10 Film Threat

“A very cleverly structured thriller that manages to keep its mystery up until pretty much the last scene, and even though hints are dropped ever so often that there’s more to the story than meets the eye it successfully refuses to give away its game till very late.” Search My Trash

In the US, Vision Films released A Thousand Little Cuts on Digital and On-Demand (VOD) platforms on May 3, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon

Cast and characters:
Marina Sirtis … Monica Atlas
Colin Ferguson … Detective Mike Olson
Rebecca Liddiard … Anne
Randy Wayne … Rick
Maggie McClure … Pianist
Andrew Creer … Tom
Darryl Cox … Brian
Brooks Ryan … Greg
Nazanin Nour … Kiara Aubusson
Betsy Hume … Jane
Justin France … Ben
Leah N.H. Philpott … Sarah
Carolyn Grundman … Emily
Ben Richardson … Scott
Caleb Yen … Shawn Ruskin
Matthew Foster … Mitch
J.J. Arends … Ashley
William Langan … Ed McKay
Kristi Culbert … Tina
Lorrie Chilcoat … Nurse Lisa
Glenda Radigonda … Helen

Filming locations:
Guthrie, Oklahoma

Technical details:
1 hour 27 minutes


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