BLOWBACK (2022) 7 reviews of Randy Couture crime action thriller – now with a clip

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Blowback is a 2022 American action thriller about a master thief who, having been left for dead after a botched bank heist, seeks revenge.

Directed by Tibor Takács (Spiders 3D; Mega Snake; Ice Spiders; Mosquito Man; Killer Rats; I, Madman; The Gate) from a screenplay co-written by Matthew Eason, Robert Giardina, Robert Edward Thomas and Kevin Yarris. Produced by Elias Axume, Al Bravo and Eduard Osipov.

After planning the “perfect” heist, Nick Mullins (Cam Gigandet) was ready to score. He had the mark and the buyer and with his girl by his side, all he needed now was a crew to do the job. Trouble is, his girl and the crew leader Jack (Randy Couture), had other ideas.

As the job goes down, so does Nick in a hail of bullets. Leaving Nick for dead, the crew flee from the bank and take over Nick’s plan for a big payday. Only one problem, Nick didn’t quite die and in a race for his life, seeks his revenge – one target at a time.

With the police and FBI closing in, Nick turns to the very people he tried to rob to help him seek his revenge. If he can stay alive long enough he can get his payback.

“It’s entertaining, so the small issues with the seen-before aspect of the film are not really a problem in the long run. This may not be the top heist film ever made, but Cam Gigandet does decent here, Michele Plaia steals more scenes than money, and the film moves at a very decent pace.” Cinema Crazed

Blowback could have done much better as an action revenge drama with a more solid and inventive script. It never reaches that sense of mystery or adrenaline rush in full gear and settles for a much less occupied drama. One wishes it would have taken more risks and not a backseat.” Two stars High on Film

“Oddly, Blowback might have worked if Gigandet and Couture switched roles […]  Some of the problems could have been forgiven if the action scenes delivered, but that was another deficient area. The shootouts are slow and lack a sense of urgency.” 4/10 Lyles Movie Files

“The film is competently made, but only from a point-and-shoot standard. Takacs’s vanilla directing style here does nothing to help the already cheap feel of the entire production. Blowback offers 93 minutes of nothing new in the realm of revenge cinema. Save yourself the time and put on Point Blank again.” 1/5 Maddwolf

“Written by a team of four, the screenplay for Blowback entirely consists of plot and little to nothing else. It features a MacGuffin and people who want it, to be sure, but calling them characters would be far too generous. Referring to them as archetypes would be a stretch, too.” Mark Reviews Movies

“The heist is nervy enough, although veteran director Tibor Takács, who’s made a lot of Christmas TV movies of late, and his DP bring nothing new to such scenes […] We expect our bad guys to be resourceful, tough and willing to turn ruthless to get what’s theirs. Nick turns to a boring mobster who supplies him all the help he’ll need.” 1.5/4 Movie Nation

In the US, Saban Films will release Blowback theatrically in select locations and On-Demand (VOD) on June 17, 2022.


Cast and characters:
Randy Couture … Jack
Cam Gigandet … Nick Mullins
Chris Maher … Sullivan
Louis Mandylor … Detective Cooper
Ryan M. Shaw … Willis
Rafael Cabrera … Jerry Foster
Ego Mikitas … Pete
Khalid Freeman … Jack aka Agent
Kyle David Pierce … Cameron
Peter Nikkos … Charpentier
William McNamara … Doc Byrne
Edelyn Okano … Monique
Benjamin Abiola … Xander
Texas Battle … Detective Owens
Gabriel Burrafato … Valenti
Candy Santana … Diana Reed
Robert Giardina … Joey Delfanzo
Michele Plaia … Veronica
Alicia Arden … Nurse Allison
Laura Velgos … Mrs Foster
Melissa Diaz … Emma



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