DEEP FEAR (2022) Reviews of urban explorer horror movie

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Deep Fear is a 2022 Belgian-French horror film about a group of urban explorers who find more than they bargained for in the Paris catacombs.

Directed by Grégory Beghin (Losers Revolution) from a screenplay written by Nicolas Tackian (Murder in the Tarentaise Valley; Couvre-feu; Inquisitio series; The Angels’ Share).

The Black Swan Tales-Entre Chien et Loup-White Lion Films co-production stars Blaise Afonso, Olivier Bony, Léone François-Janssens, Sofia Lesaffre, Kassim Meesters, Victor Meutelet, Joseph Olivennes and Philippe Résimont.

Paris, the 1980s. Three students decide to celebrate their graduation with a visit to the Paris catacombs. When they discover the legendary 717 Bunker. Little do they know it’s not the only thing that the Third Reich soldiers left behind them…

“Early scenes play heavily on claustrophobia, as the characters have to squeeze themselves through tight spaces in order to get down that far. The darkness is creepy, as are the rats and skinheads they encounter inside. The second half is creepy in a totally different way.” The Aisle Seat

“The ending aside, Deep Fear is wholly enjoyable and certainly not for those claustrophobic. It is comparable to the 2014 horror film As Above, So Below, which also dealt with the Parisian Catacombs but is far superior on every level. I could see the movie attaining cult classic status and maybe even a sequel but let’s hope it reaches a broader audience first.” Irish Film Critic

“It’s actually a pretty good horror movie, well done, directed and shamefully never released in theaters. Good acting, convincing young actors. Nothing really new though, with an expected ending for this kind of movie.” Search and Destroy

“It’s a frustrating film as it works on such levels yet never really pushes further. Too many questions are left unanswered. That said, when the gore comes it’s impressively handled and although we might not have warmed to the characters, they are played believably enough.” 3 out of 5, Starburst

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Deep Fear is available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:
Blaise Afonso … Faust
Olivier Bony … Dante
Léone François-Janssens … Lamia
Sofia Lesaffre … Sonia
Kassim Meesters … Max
Victor Meutelet … Henry
Joseph Olivennes … Ramy
Philippe Résimont … Lukas

Technical details:
1 hour 20 minutes

Not to be confused with the 2022 shark action thriller of the same name directed by Marcus Adams.


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