BLOODY ISLAND (2022) Preview of community service workers horror thriller

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Bloody Island is a 2022 American horror thriller about a group of community service workers who are sent to an abandoned amusement park.

Written, photographed, directed by and co-starring Joseph Kelly (Clowny; Clown Motel 2; Clown Motel: Spirit’s Arise: Community Service: The Movie).

The A Shadow in the Dark Productions movie also stars Mindy Robinson, Shawn C. Philips, Jamie Morgan, Curtis Hughes, Stephen Cena and Joe Cliff Thompson.

Officer Bob Butterfield (Christopher Woods) agrees to one last job, a few hundred miles away, at an abandoned amusement park on a private island. With two ex-marines along for the ride as Community Service Officers, no better way to keep the ten community service workers in line, right?

The owner of the amusement park, a cracked-out clown, and his pal, “a little person”, are always on the premises and love to put on a good show for the very few who find this island. The question is, will they be the ones putting on the final show?

Main cast and characters:
Mindy Robinson … Daisy
Shawn C. Phillips … Officer Jim’s son
Joseph Kelly … Smiley
Jamie Morgan … Officer Jessica Lynn
Curtis Hughes … Smith’s father
Joe Cliff Thompson … Stoner Chris
David Baughman … Kim’s Brother
Stephen Cena … Officer Mark Hills
Denys Ramos Jr. … Gandalya
Rhys Lyons … Officer Collins
William Meyer … Billy Fouls
Jude Johnson … Baby Gavin
Todd Forkell … Sergeant Dave
Mike Sa Mike Sa … Tony
Christopher Woods … Officer Bob Butterfield

Filming locations:
Miami, Florida (Amnesia nightclub)
Rochester and Sylan Beach, New York

$200,000 (estimated)


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