HAUNTED HOUSE (2016) Chinese comedy horror – free to watch online

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Haunted House is a 2016 Chinese comedy horror film about ghostly happenings in an old hotel. The film was later cheekily retitled to cash in on the 2015 American Evil Dead-inspired short spoof film which became a viral hit.

Directed by Ming Yan [明焱]. The Gammar Media production stars 木木 Mu Mu, 禾小斗 He Xiaodou, 马昕墨 Ma Xinmo, 张家鼎 Zhang Jiading, 杨一Yang Yi and 侯佩杉 Hou Peishan.

Five young city people go on a rural outing in order to help Jiang Yaoyue who is mourning the loss of his wife in a car accident and still coming to terms with the tragedy.

Unfortunately, they soon get involved in a car accident themselves, seeming to run over a young woman dressed in red named Yi Yequing. She turns out to be unhurt but in the collision, their steering car’s wheel inexplicably came off so they reluctantly decide to seek refuge in a remote “hotel” nearby.


After encountering an old woman with a head injury and tending to her wound they decide to get “happy” (drunk) before going to sleep. They opt to play a game of Bunshinsaba (Korean Ouija Board) while drinking but the guys lark about and it’s soon abandoned. Dejected Jiang Yaoyue goes off to watch TV and things become stranger and stranger…

Technical details:
1 hour

Original title:
擼鬼屋 “Haunted House”

Full film – free to watch online:

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