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‘Fear reaches new heights’
is a 2022 survival thriller film about two young women trapped at the top of a dilapidated old radio tower.

Directed and co-produced by Scott Mann (Final Score; Heist; The Tournament; Down Amongst the Dead Men,) from a screenplay co-written with Jonathan Frank and Scott Mann. Also produced by James Harris, Mark Lane and Christian Mercuri.

The movie stars Grace Fulton, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mason Gooding, Julia Pace Mitchell and Jasper Cole.

How far would you go to conquer your fears? For best friends Becky (Grace Fulton) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), it’s 2,000 feet in the air, the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower they have decided to climb to scatter the ashes of Becky’s late husband (Mason Gooding).


However, when sections of the rickety ladder break off from the dilapidated tower, Becky and Hunter are left stranded. Now, Becky and Hunter’s expert climbing skills — and the bonds of friendship — will be put to the ultimate test as they wage a desperate fight to survive the elements, a lack of supplies, and vertigo-inducing heights…

In the US, Lionsgate released Fall theatrically on August 12, 2022. It is now available on Prime Video
In the UK, Signature Entertainment will release Fall on Blu-ray and DVD on November 28. 2022.

“There’s not much to Fall; it’s a simple setup meant to showcase the thrills. Mann does create some intense sequences and vertigo-inducing composition from the minimalistic scenario and zips the story along at a rapid clip. But the novelty of the setting gets diminished by the realization that Fall inorganically wedges its characters into a recycled plot.” 2 out of 5, Bloody Disgusting

“A version of Fall that trims the first act bloat and cliché plot twists would probably play with tighter pacing and more intensity. As is, those issues are the film’s unrecoverable downfall.” Flickering Myth

“Ultimately, Fall does its job in providing viewers with a thrilling experience that tests their ability to survive a deadly situation. While there are certain story elements that are predictable, especially if you’re a fan of such genres and have seen plenty of films with similar concepts, Fall delights with one major twist and character development that one may not see coming.” 6.3 out of 10, Geek Culture

Fall is the rare three-drinks-in “what if?” elevator pitch that somehow survived the journey to the big screen, made with unusual precision and punch. Director Mann sets his sights low even as his simple, sturdy film climbs so very, very high and in doing so, delivers in a way that so few have this year, a $3m embarrassment to the studios throwing a hundred times more at blockbusters with a hundred times less of a thrill factor.” 3 out of 5, The Guardian

“The premise of Fall may be utter simplicity, but there’s admirable cleverness to the complications it presents, as well as technical complexity to pulling off the film’s central trick. It mainly works, though, because the filmmakers embrace the simple, inescapable terror of the film’s gimmick.” 3 out of 4, Mark Reviews Movies

“Amid the miseries these embattled buddies endure, you might begin to wonder, would you rather fall to your death? Die of exposure? Or be eaten alive by a bird of prey? Fall gives you plenty of time to ponder that. But the most bonkers bits are the third act call-backs, where formerly flawed escape plans are given a new, more dramatic, or downright gruesome twist.” Mashable

“The women sit precariously in the rushing wind. Their rescue attempts are intercut with long-distance and sickening overhead shots. The tower is a needle glistening in the brutal sun. Mann does a great job orchestrating the camera angles, visual effects, and sound design. There’s never a point where the film looks fake.” Movieweb

“Director Scott Man and writing partner Jonathan Frank developed Fall initially as a short. As a result, it could feel like the film is overlong. However, Fall never feels stretched for time. With only two principle characters, the film could have dragged or felt tedious. However, the script and editing propel the movie forward from one absolutely terrifying disaster to the next.” Signal Horizon

Fall is a very good “don’t look down” movie. It’s a fun, occasionally cheesy, but mostly ingeniously made thriller…” Variety

“On the characterization front, things can get clunky — one revelation is eye-rollingly predictable, and a third-act twist feels cribbed from a lot of unreliable-narrator movies. But viscerally the movie delivers — the site-specific peril is suitably unnerving when the stuntwork, effects, and cinematographer MacGregor’s more height-intensified shots are in synch, and the rescue hacks these tech-savvy women devise from their available items…” The Wrap

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