FRESH HELL (2021) Reviews of online lockdown horror with trailer

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Fresh Hell is a 2021 American horror film in which a group of friends finally reunite online for virtual hugs, laughter, and drinks. But when one friend doesn’t log in and a stranger appears in her absence, they realise they’ve become part of a terrifying game…

Directed by Ryan Imhoff and Matt Neal from a screenplay written by the former. Produced by Caitlin Conklin, Ryan Imhoff and Christine Vrem-Ydstie.

The movie stars Lanise Antoine Shelley, Ryan Imhoff, Will Mobley, Rob Fagin, Crystal Kim, Tyler Owen Parsons, Christina Reis, Randolph Thompson and Christine Vrem-Ydstie.


“What Host managed to pull off in 2020, Fresh Hell adds onto and expands exponentially into something that can only be defined by its title. At times unsettling, others just terrifying to the bone, there is no denying that this small independent film does more for the horror genre than most big studio releases.” BloodGuts UK Horror

“I’m giving the cast and crew a lot of credit for putting themselves out there and daring to do something different in the genre. There have been other pandemic projects that are much worse and that don’t do anything interesting. So while Fresh Hell might not be the animal in bed it fantasizes about, it knew how to get my pants off at least.” 6.5 out of 10, Coming Soon

” …well-written and well-acted by Imhoff. The off-beat twisted horror pic, shot during the pandemic, is disturbing in a bloody good horror pic way and its modern-day relevant internet story had some venting to reflect on. Most importantly, I enjoyed it.” Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

“Yeah, the first 25 minutes seem pointless but turn out to be the perfect foundation for all the brilliant ferocity that follows. Plus, Imhoff gives an excellent and twisted performance of his own sick material. This is definitely for the strange cinema fanatic.” 8.5 out of 10, Film Threat


“The film’s two secret weapons though, are Imhoff who writes, co-directs, and stars, along with Shelley as Grace. After the first gory moment, we see that Imhoff’s Stranger is wonderfully unhinged […] Fresh Hell is sharp, bloody, and scary. It delivers moments of teeth-clenching gore and biting commentary that is worth a horror fan’s time.” 7 out of 10, Horror Buzz

“We get one really cool gag that I won’t spoil along with some little bloody moments here and there but nothing that memorable. Overall, Fresh Hell is a cool idea that just didn’t work for me […] I did like Imhoff’s performance and I would recommend this one 100 times over because of that but that’s the extent of it.” Horror Society

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Cast and characters:
Lanise Antoine Shelley … Grace
Ryan Imhoff … Stranger
Will Mobley … Scott
Rob Fagin … Todd
Crystal Kim … Cynthia
Tyler Owen Parsons … Brian
Christina Reis … Laura
Randolph Thompson … James
Christine Vrem-Ydstie … Kara
Grant Lancaster … Detective Pierson
Alison Plott … 911 Operator
Erika Haaland … Doctor Powell
Matt Neal … Screaming Man/Pups
Becca Rowland … News Anchor
Gavin Mueller … News Anchor

Filming locations:
Chicago, Illinois

$27,000 (estimated)

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