MANNEQUIN (2022) Young female models terrorised – trailer

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Mannequin is a 2022 British horror film about young female models being terrorised by a maniac at a mannequin factory.

Directed by Jason Wright (Zombikini; The House That Zombies Built; Torture; Pit Stop plus many shorts)

The Silent Studios production stars Dani Thompson, Laurence R. Harvey, Megan Lockhurst, Cheryl Neve, Maria Lee Metheringham, Pete Bennett, Adrianna Edwards, Sam Dunning, Dolly Diamond, Regan Tibbenham and Lote Pupola.


“While Mannequin’s roots are firmly planted within the horror genre, it also embodies an element of a tense thriller, sure to give even the toughest crowd goosebumps. This upcoming film was shot on a mannequin farm with over 25,000 mannequins, so it wasn’t for the faint-hearted. Even during the day, the location was creepy, let alone when set for a horror shoot.


Mannequin is a fresh take on the classic horror movie trope, where the car breaks down, there’s no signal, and it’s safe to assume that something terrible is about to happen. This film brings a new way of looking at classic horror while touching on an issue in everyday life. At the same time, everyone strives for perfection. The themes of this film show what can happen when it goes too far, in the most horrific way possible, of course.”


Mannequin will be released later in the year on Amazon Prime.

Teaser trailer:


Cast and characters:
Dani Thompson … Una Roper
Laurence R. Harvey … Nathan Roper
Megan Lockhurst … Jade
Cheryl Neve … Xenia
Maria Lee Metheringham … Odette
Pete Bennett … Adrian Roper
Adrianna Edwards … Verona
Sam Dunning … Dave
Dolly Diamond … Hatchet
Regan Tibbenham … Mollie
Lote Pupola … Sam

Produced by Ian Aberle, Paul Bradford, Justin Buzzard, Douglas Cambron, Dennis Greenhill, Danny Langston, Marvin Maddicks Jr, Shawn Ness, Trevor Poole, Kirsty Richardson, Shane Ryan-Reid, Charles Solomon Jr and John Zuzolo.

£100,000 (estimated)

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