LOST SOULS (2022) Review of anthology horror – now free to watch online

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Lost Souls is a 2022 American anthology horror film about two sisters who communicate with their dead mother and accidentally unleash evil.

Written, directed, photographed and edited by Joe Lujan (Hen Night and sequels; Rust; The Immortal Wars and sequels; Atelophobia and sequels; The Killer Monroes; Twisted Forest 3: Bloody Vengeance).

The movie stars Destiny Salas, Chris Ivan, Isabella Salas, Ariel Shiu and Corey Taylor (not the Slipknot singer).

Sisters Kaya and Hannah want nothing more than to speak with their mother who has passed. On one gloomy night, the sisters unleash evil within their own home. They are manipulated by the evil spirits from within a book. Instead of them playing the game Lost Souls. Evil plays them. Mommy is that you?

On the whole, Lost Souls is creepy and decently shot and presented. Unfortunately, during some early scenes, poor acting and repetitive dialogue accompanied by maniacal laughter are a setback.

Thankfully, the film soon recovers via some topical observations on the lockdown and health restrictions we all had to suffer via a moronic ‘Karen’-type character disputing a worldwide disaster that killed millions of people. Lost Souls picks up thereon. It’s slightly entertaining if taken on its low-budget terms if you enjoy trash horror. Eric Dyer’s score is a bonus.

During Lost Souls, it became apparent that this ‘feature’ is yet another collection of unconnected short films – The Strawman; The Mad House: Travis vs. Meredith; Billy: The ArrivalMasque’d/The Stitcher – edited together which explains the varying quality of various scenes and the fact that there’s no cohesive storyline.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Lost Souls will be released exclusively on Jungo+ in Summer 2022. The film was released on YouTube by the V Horror channel on June 25, 2022.

Technical details:
1 hour 25 minutes


Full film – free to watch online:

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