MOTHMAN (2022) Micro-budget found-footage horror movie – with trailer

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Mothman is a 2022 American supernatural mystery found-footage micro-budget horror film about the titular urban legend.

Written and directed by Joshua Brucker.

The Gray Sky Pictures-Horror Dadz Productions movie stars Liz Fletcher, Christopher Kuriata, Chaney Morrow, Randall Cole, Karen Laven, Joseph Moreland, Tiffany Saggio, Angel Nichole Bradford and Daniel John Kearney.

Amanda Mason and her boyfriend Tim set out to film a documentary on the case surrounding her missing brother, Dakota.

Via interviews, they uncover that Dakota was disturbed, troubled by an event months before his disappearance. After some time, Amanda is able to uncover a lost SD card and cellphone, containing her brother’s story and what ultimately happened to him. This ultimately puts her on course to meet the one thing her brother feared most: The burning red eyes of Mothman…

In the US, Mothman will be released on October 31, 2022.

Teaser trailer:


Cast and characters:
Liz Fletcher … Amanda Mason
Christopher Kuriata … Tim Sellers
Chaney Morrow … Indrid Cold
Randall Cole … Dakota Mason
Karen Laven … Sandra Mason
Joseph Moreland … Mark Mason
Tiffany Saggio … Kennedy Barnes
Angel Nichole Bradford … Aubrey
Daniel John Kearney … Dan
Bradford Norris … Officer Brad Nelson/The Entity
Damian Tanenbaum … Detective Drake
Coleman Allen … Matt Long
Xander Goldman … Max Anderson
Denise Frazier … Denise

Filming locations:
Logan, Ohio
Point Pleasant, West Virginia

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