DEVIL IN THE WOMB (2022) Indonesian supernatural horror

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Devil in the Womb is a 2022 Indonesian supernatural horror film about a pregnant young woman whose body is invaded by an evil spirit.

Directed by Adhe Dharmastriya from a screenplay co-written by Asaf Antariksa and Bagus Bramanti.Produced by Johansyah Jumberan and Rezha P.N.

The Darihati Films production stars Nafa Urbach, Ali Syakieb, Denira Wiraguna, M. Adhiyat, Iang Darmawan, Ingrid Widjanarko and Ananda George.

After fifteen years of marriage and adopting two siblings, Alani and Vito, Amelia is finally pregnant. In order to take care of his wife who also suffers from high blood pressure, her husband, Verdi, changes jobs from Jakarta to a plantation company at the foot of Mount Salak.

Problems arise when the house they live in turns out to be inhabited by the spirit of a woman who in the past lost her baby in her womb due to a mystical event.


Now the spirit has come, trying to penetrate into Amelia’s body to own the baby in her womb. Vito and Alani try to protect their mother even though they have to face a life-threatening terror.

As it turned out, the woman’s spirit wasn’t the only danger they have to deal with. There are other, more sinister forces that have never been thought of before…



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