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Double Game is a 1977 Italian action crime thriller about a mysterious vigilante known as ‘The Avenger’ who is killing villains in Turin. The movie was followed by a sequel, Tony: Another Double Game in 1980.

Written and directed by Carlo Ausino (Killer’s Playlist; Senza scrupoli 2; Don’t Look in the Attic aka The House of the Damned).

The movie stars George Hilton (Blazing Flowers; The Killer Must Kill Again; The Case of the Bloody Iris; The Two Faces of Fear; All the Colors of the Dark; My Dear Killer; The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail; The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh; Massacre Time), Emanuele Cannarsa, Giuseppe Alotta, Annarita Grapputo, Franco Nebbia, Laura Ferraro, Saverio Moggio, Pier Giuseppe Corrado, Cinzia Arcuri, Lorenzo Gobello, Ruggero Spagnoli, Sauro Roma and Loretta Mondino.

Drugs, murders, robberies. In Turin, violence is an everyday fact of life, but a mysterious vigilante starts cleaning up the streets. In fact, the killer is a cop, Moretti, who went undercover to do the dirty work he couldn’t do in cop’s clothing…


“Italian Poliziotteschi films are known for stylistic directing, violent action and /or enthralling stories. Double Game strikes out on all three accounts. First of all Carlo Ausino is one of the most un-stylistic directors to emerge from the country give the film a dreary, boring look about it not aided by its sluggish, lifeless plot with a predicable ending that people could guess before the film even starts.” Blood Brothers

Double Game tries hard to come up with the poliziotteschi’s required ingredients, with violent action – take the opening robbery at the movie theatre – wild zooms and car chases filmed through the streets of Turin […] But due to lack of funds, Ausino was forced to steal car crashes and explosions from other films and fill the film with plugs to bar, restaurants, gyms and other shops where a number of scenes take place.” Roberto Curti, Italian Crime Filmography 1968 – 1980


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Original title:
Torino violenta

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