MEGALOMANIAC (2022) Reviews of gruelling Belgian horror – now with teaser

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Megalomaniac is a 2022 Belgian horror film based upon the real-life serial killer known as ‘The Butcher of Mons’ who was never caught. The plot suggests he had offspring that carried on his grisly campaign of murder.

Written, co-produced and directed by Karim Ouelhaj. Also produced by Nicolas George and Florence Saâdi.

The movie stars Eline Schumacher, Wim Willaert, Benjamin Ramon and Pierre Nisse.


“Ouelhaj uses Martha’s world as a provocative means of criticizing the patriarchy and frames a fictional story around a true unsolved crime as an intentional affront. It keeps its audience at perhaps too much distance and it’s a bit too dense in its introspections, but it makes for an intense, unsettling journey for those willing to wade into the murky depths of taste.” 3.5 out of 5, Bloody Disgusting

” …Karim Ouelhaj has created 100 minutes of intense and brutal filmmaking. Very visual and extremely powerful in its storytelling. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this movie definitely surpassed anything I could have imagined […] This new Belgian horror movie is both terrifying and amazing. If you don’t care for realistic depictions of violence, then this is not for you.” 4 out of 5, Heaven of Horror


” …Megalomaniac starts chaotically, drops to a slow roll, and uses a lot of confusing, albeit nightmarish, imagery to begin. Compounded with many of the silent scenes in the film, it’s easy to experience sensory overload care of the lightning-quick juxtapositions. I can’t say I was ever bored through the film because there’s so much to see and consider, but Megalomaniac also left me wishing for more resolution from its conclusion.” Horror Obsessive

Megalomaniac allows its characters to breathe while keeping the pace up with ratcheting tension. I was on the edge of my seat as the movie approached its explosive climax, praying for an ending that would satisfy. Relentless gore and surprising brutality are on the docket! […] Half cringe horror treat, half psychological case study, Megalomaniac presents one truly twisted family portrait.” 3.5 out of 5, Josh at the Movies

Megalomaniac is a dark, depraved and challenging film but not one you’ll want to pull out for a group movie night. It is stark and brutal but strangely beautiful; definitely not for the faint of heart.” 3.5 out of 5, The Scariest Things

“A film which contains no points of light, Megalomaniac is a queasy, unsettling watch. Its ugliness is so complete that you feel defeated by the end, but then what redemption could, would or should make all of this ugliness palatable? If this lesson was always the point – then bravo.” Warped Perspective

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