MIDGET ZOMBIE TAKEOVER (2013) Reviews of micro-budget comedy horror

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‘Fight the takeover’
Midget Zombie Takeover is a 2013 American comedy horror film about some college students who get together for a hot tub party. However, they’re shocked when their party is crashed by some tiny, uninvited guests who are hungry for flesh… human flesh!

Written, co-produced and directed by Glenn Berggoetz (Ted Bundy Had a SonParalyzed with FearBaadasssssploitation!Poetry SlammedTrashsploitation; Auto Shop of Horrors; LoveSexHateThe Ghosts of Johnson WoodsThe Worst Movie Ever!TherapissedTo Die Is HardEvil Intent). Also produced by Erik Lassi.

The Driving With Our Eyes Shut-Cold Spring Productions movie stars Kristi McKay, Matt ‘Goose’ Goosherst, Kedryn Carpenter, Daniel G. Cramer, Cassandra Crawford, Anita Nicole Brown (Leaf Blower Massacre 2), Brian Johnson Jr, Jayson L. Hicks and Cody Strack.


“Make no mistake – Midget Zombie Takeover is a low-budget horror comedy with cheesy dialogue, wooden acting and strange music. The more Glenn Berggoetz makes movies – the more we wish he had a bigger budget.” 4 out of 10, BZ Film

” …despite its outrageous title and incompetent cast, Midget Zombie Takeover is enjoyable, at least for forgiving fans of grassroots indie horror. It’s not scary or slick or atmospheric. Its story is wholly unoriginal […] But it has some funny jokes and, after a slow start, shambles along at a mostly decent pace.” Hollywood Investigator


” …my tolerance for lazy effort is waning. It isn’t enough to want to make a movie, as Midget Zombie Takeover proves with ineptitude to spare. One must want to create a story, a vision. That, or pile on the gore and nudity by the bucket load. Never do neither.” Horror News

“Ok, it’s silly and ridiculous and kinda cheap and lousy, but in the right mood, Midget Zombie Takeover can also be a lot of fun – check it out with your zombie buddies today!” Indie Film Cafe


“This indie horror/comedy, shot in Indiana, is just out to make you chuckle for 73 minutes as you watch some of the dumbest characters ever put on the screen deal with a rather lackluster zombie outbreak. The zombies never come off as all that threatening, but they certainly do to the teenage characters.” Life Between Frames

Midget Zombie Takeover can be testy at times as far as pacing goes, but nonetheless, the amateurism provides a close-to-home nature, the action is kind of fun, and it’s pleasant and harmless all the more.” The Steve Pulaski Message Board


Cast and characters:
Kristi McKay … Amanda
Matt ‘Goose’ Goosherst … Billy
Kedryn Carpenter … Maggie
Daniel G. Cramer … Steve
Cassandra Crawford … Molly
Anita Nicole Brown … Katie
Brian Johnson Jr … Sam
Jayson L. Hicks … Tony
Cody Strack … Randy
Jonathan Hodges … Crazy Guy

Filming locations:
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Golden, Colorado


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