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maneaterofhadra1‘Death stalking vegetation devours human blood!’

Maneater of Hydra is a 1967 science fiction horror film about a mad scientist whose vampire plant is draining the blood from tourists.

Co-produced and directed by American expatriate Ernst von Theumer from a screenplay written by Mel Welles (The Little Shop of Horrors; The She Beast; Lady Frankenstein). The production’s alternate titles include La Isla de la muerte, Le Baron vampireIsland of the Doomed and Bloodsuckers.

The Spanish-German co-production stars Cameron Mitchell, Elisa Montés, George Martin and Kai Fischer.

On a remote island off the shore of an unidentified European country, an array of rich guests are being murdered, one by one, their bodies sucked dry. It transpires that they are being killed by a mad scientist Baron Von Weser (Cameron Mitchell) who loves earthworms and creates hybrid trees that feed on human blood…


“The direction is token and the movie’s only watchable scene is the latter-day Eve’s reunion with the tree in the Baron’s obscene garden of Eden followed by the surreal image of the profusely bleeding tree.” Phil Hardy (editor), The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

“The lame and predictable dialogue is goofily dubbed and the storyline is totally generic monster movie pseudoscientific hokum. The worst scene in the movie features all the characters shouting about who or what is to blame for the recent killings. Most importantly, however, Maneater of Hydra has a beautiful mansion, an exotic locale and a windstorm that never seems to let up.” Cinema Somnabulist

Maneater of Hydra is actually quite atmospheric if predictable, ultimately silly but effectively played with straight faces, and even the big vampire tree looks pretty good, far better than the American one-sheet poster above would suggest.” DVD Talk

bloodsuckers + slaughter of the vampires british quad poster

” … hugely entertaining creature feature drek (displaying some creative opening credits too I must say) and a big check on the list of some of the better European monster flicks I’ve seen.” Cinema Nocturna

“Even before the conclusion, the long buildup is sleazy. It could’ve been better, shorter, with more establishing shots of the island or of the count’s castle. But it’s pretty memorable as it is.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers

“… crudely photographed and acted, and plays almost like a stereotyped whodunit, yet has a certain compulsion in the strange way the decadent, spoiled-rich characters behave, setting themselves up for the slurping green creepers and wriggling branches.” John Stanley, Creature Features

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Cast and characters:
Cameron Mitchell … Baron von Weser
Elisa Montés … Beth Christiansen (as Elisa Montes)
George Martin … David Moss
Kai Fischer … Cora Robinson (as Kay Fischer)
Rolf von Nauckhoff … James Robinson (as Ralph Naukoff)
Hermann Nehlsen … Professor Julius Demerist (as Herman Nelsen)
Matilde Muñoz Sampedro … Myrtle Callahan (as Matilde Sampedro)
Ricardo Valle … Alfredo (as Richard Valle)
Mike Brendel … Baldi/Baldi’s Brother

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