UNBOXED (2022) Reviews – Online influencer forced to play a sick game

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‘You never know what’s inside’
Unboxed is a 2022 American horror film about an online influencer who is psychologically tortured by a VIP sponsor.

Directed by David Becerra and Eddie del Carmen from a screenplay written by the latter. Produced by Vasisth Sukul.

The Nervion Media production stars Elaine del Valle, Katherine Diaz, Nicholas Ryan Hernandez, Christopher Brian, Paulina Sofia, Samantha Lopez and Heather Fisch.

Laura Diaz (Katherine Diaz) is an up-and-coming influencer under pressure from a VIP sponsor to give her best performance for a Halloween live stream giveaway. As the stream starts with a series of trivia questions, the night takes a creepy turn when a mysterious user comments on Laura’s personal life.

As Laura continues to open gift boxes from her sponsors, she soon discovers that some of the boxes have grotesque gifts inside of them. The mysterious sponsor then texts Laura and explains that she will have to play along with his own sick game of giveaway, or else there will be a deadly price to pay…


“Cyber harassment of women, especially those with any sort of platform, is a real-life horror show, and Unboxed could have had something to say about it, with a couple more passes. Instead, it feels like an interesting short movie got sandwiched into the middle of an otherwise generic copycat. Or perhaps a short needed to be padded out to secure funding.” 1 out of 4, Cinegods

Unboxed starts with tension and a good premise but loses steam towards the end. Even so, it’s more spirited and entertaining than the majority of what’s new via VOD in the horror genre. The characters are fun, the user comments are hilarious, and there is a good amount of dread and danger.” Women in Horror


Cast and characters:
Elaine del Valle … Hannah
Katherine Diaz … Laura Diaz
Nicholas Ryan Hernandez … Grandson
Christopher Brian … First Agent
Paulina Sofia … Ria
Samantha Lopez … Nancy
Heather Fisch … Dawn
Mei-Lin HoSang … Mask Girl
Eddie del Carmen … Police Officer
Keir Dumont … Superfan Dad
Natalie Veater … Jess
Jennifer Tse … Face Mask Mom
Amedeo Falgiatore … Grandfather Trick or Treater
Jeffrey Peterson … Agent Boss
Brian Dijols … Kody
Mia Cordova … Gummies Trick or Treater
Joaquin Molinari … First Teenager Trick or Treater
Julio Cordova … Gummies Trick or Treater Dad
Fiona Torrese … Second Teenage Trick or Treater
Jonathan Zaken … Fourth Agent
Alexa Rodriguez … Second Agent
Kayla Moore … Third Agent
Nicolas Candela … Blake

Filming locations:
Coral Gables, Florida

Film facts:
The majority of Unboxed was shot in just seven days.

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