SHARK SIDE OF THE MOON (2022) Reviews of The Asylum’s sharksploitation movie

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Shark Side of the Moon is a 2022 American sci-fi action horror film about astronauts facing hyper-aggressive mutant sharks in space.

Directed by Glenn Campbell and Tammy Klein (Planet Dune) from a screenplay co-written by Ryan Ebert (Tales of a Fifth Grade Robin Hood; Apocalypse of Ice) and Anna Rasmussen (Jurassic School; Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys).

The Asylum production stars Reginald William Stalling, Maxi Witrak, Terrance Livingston Jr, Lydia Hunter, Konstantin Podprugin, Tania Fox, Michael Austin Deni, Michael Marcel, Roman Chsherbakov, Ego Miktas, Lindsey Marie and Sandi Todorovic.

During the Cold War, the USSR developed a breed of hyper-aggressive sharks. Unable to kill them, Soviet military leaders launched the sharks at the moon.

Flash-forward to the present day and the first team of American astronauts on the moon in decades must repair a module found on the dark side… but come face-to-face with the unkillable Russian moon sharks…

Out view:
Aficionados of bad shark movies, or bad movies in general, might be the target for the latest knowing trash from The Asylum. Unfortunately, Shark Side of the Moon simply doesn’t work. It’s mildly engaging in a Sharknado way due to the daft plot but we all know how tiresome that franchise soon became. Despite the zany CGI shark mutations, most viewers will lose interest due to too much dialogue-heavy exposition, a certain amount of plot repetition and some ill-judged humour. It’s a shame as Shark Side of the Moon offered so much in terms of just its tacky title alone.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA


Other reviews:
“Practical items like the “flare gun” (a prop pistol wrapped in cardboard) or the engineer wearing an iPod earbud as his communications device have humorous homestyle vibes. However, this cannot be said for the prototype shark soldiers, which look like they have had no shading, coloring, or anything past the clay-gray sculpture stage and animate like a FaceTime transformation filter.” All Horror

” …has people with nose breathers — and no spacesuits — on the surface of the moon, shark-part weapons, ridiculous animation of the shark/humans and an ending that sets up a sequel while also probably making you upset there is one. It’s got an amazingly creative title and a decent idea but doesn’t push itself to be any stranger or better after that, which is a shame.” B&S About Movies

“No one in their right mind would go into a movie with these qualifiers with any expectation of it being “good.” But movies that aren’t made to be good at least have to be goofy to be enjoyable, even ironically or unintentionally. Instead of goofy, Shark Side of the Moon is just dumb, and there’s an incredibly wide gap between what those two words are worth.” 20 out of 100, Culture Crypt

” …poorly constructed and, worst of all, just not much fun to watch. I wanted something like Iron Sky, or even the same duo’s Planet Dune, which was at least entertaining. I got something worse than any Sharknado, a genuine chore to endure, and I don’t know why two directors were deemed necessary.” Rating: D, Film Blitz

Shark Side of the Moon isn’t even unintentionally funny. Watching the actors trying to replicate the astronauts bouncing lunar walk is absolutely painful. The shark’s Tzarina (voiced by Natasha Goubskaya, The Russian Bride, Mile 22) has plenty of Bond villain-style dialogue, but rather than being amusingly campy it’s poorly written and made even worse by being delivered by a poorly animated shark.” 1 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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