APOCALYPSE OF ICE (2020) Reviews and overview of disaster movie


‘In the heart of a pandemic, a new disaster appears’

Apocalypse of Ice is a 2020 American action survival film about the rapid and deadly onset of a new ice age amidst a global pandemic.

Directed by Maximilian Elfeldt (End of the World; Avengers Grimm: Time Wars; Bachelor Night) from a screenplay written by Ryan Ebert (San Andreas Mega Quake). Produced by Paul Bales and David Michael Latt.

The Asylum production stars Tom Sizemore (Monster Hunters; Conjuring: The Book of the Dead; Black Wake), Emily Killian (Meteor Moon; The Chosen), Ramiro Leal (Triassic Squad), Torrey Richardson (Meteor Moon), Jake Holley (PRofessionals) and Tania Fox (Blade: The Iron Cross; Choke; Art of the Dead).


Already in the throes of a viral pandemic, a massive polar vortex threatens to cover nearly all of Earth in ice. When it’s discovered the only chance of survival from the cold is a 100-mile temperate zone near the equator, a virologist, with the pandemic’s only cure, must reach the safe zone within twenty-four hours if humanity is to have any hope of survival…


“The action scenes are intense and thrilling, and even the CGI effects for the disaster scenes are pretty good […] Nothing here will change anyone’s minds if you’re someone who doesn’t like Asylum’s products, but for those like that that always look forward to each of their releases this one was a fun ride and a few steps above their usual natural disaster fare.” Jeffrey Long

“A meteorologically and geographically factually accurate ice disaster film from The Asylum and starring a very sad and drunk Tom Sizemore. This was exceptionally cheap and bad, even by Asylum standards.” Ryan Kinder

Cast and characters:

Tom Sizemore … Reggie
Emily Killian … Jill
Ramiro Leal … Oscar Quinnton
Torrey Richardson … Sara
Jake Holley … Mike
Tania Fox … Andrea
Xander Bailey … Professor Loren
Christina Licciardi … Joe
Christopher William Johnson … Robert
Audrey Latt … Erica
Lynda Lopez … Radio Reporter (voice)
James Merkle … Narrator (voice)
Jeff Newman … Airline Pilot (voice)
Michael Meilander … News Reporter (voice)
Sharon Desiree … Airplane Passenger (uncredited)

Filming locations:

Central City Studio, Los Angeles, California

Technical details:

89 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Dolby SR


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