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‘Get stuffed mother clucker’
Amityville Thanksgiving
is a 2022 American horror film about a struggling couple visiting a marriage counsellor for the holiday as a last resort. Soon after they realise he has sinister intentions that may make this Thanksgiving their last.

Written and directed by Will Collazo Jr. (Amityville Shark House; Night of the Zomghouls; Bloody Nun and Bloody Nun 2: The Curse). Produced by Mark C. Fullhardt and Julie Anne Prescott. Executive produced by Ron Bonk, Will Collazo Jr. and Avery Crumley.


The Cult Cinema production stars Julie Anne Prescott (The Amityville Harvest), Natalie Peri (Last Rites: The Return of Sabastian VasilisBloody Nun 2: The Curse; Camp Bloodlust), Mark C Fullhardt (Bloody Nun), Paul Faggione (Empires of New York) and Tom Ciorciar. Genre regular Shawn C. Phillips makes a cameo appearance. Of course.


Plot synopsis:
Jackie (Natalie Peri) and Danny (Paul Faggione) are spending the holiday week in therapy instead of at the dinner table. Their marriage has taken a turn for the worst, and they turn to what they believe to be their only option, Amityville Couples Counsellor Frank Domenico (Mark C Fullhardt), a doctor with a hidden, sinister past. He recommends an isolated cabin retreat to save their family. But once alone together, the doctor’s unorthodox approach starts to push the couple over the edge.

Strange visitors, visions, and occult items haunt their stay, coming to peak on Thanksgiving Day. Little do they know that the doctor plans to end their sessions, as well as their lives, with a devilish dinner, and them as the main course!

In the US, Amityville Thanksgiving will be released on DVD by SRS Cinema on November 8, 2022.

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Cast and characters:
Shawn C. Phillips … Jeremy
Julie Anne Prescott … Lynda Morris
Natalie Peri … Jackie Defiore
Will Collazo Jr. … Joe Morris
David Perry … Enrique
Mark C. Fullhardt … Frank Domenico
Forrest Bennett … Reaper
Paul Faggione … Danny Defiore
Tom Ciorciari … Baron Richards

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