REQUIEM FOR A SCREAM (2022) Reviews of Tubi Original horror slasher plus trailer

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Requiem for a Scream is a 2022 American slasher horror film about a sadistic killer that sets his sights on a group of partying friends

Directed by Ben Meyerson (My Escort Best Friend; Deadly Daughter Switch) from a screenplay co-written by Andre Puca (KWAK or Kassandra with a K) and Jordan Robinson (Dangerous Snow Day; Revenge Delivered).

Plot synopsis:
Artemis (Cassandra Scerbo) plans a party without permission at her parent’s lake house, which is normally vacant for the winter. A killer is trying to compose a symphony made up of the screams of his victims. At the very same time, Artemis is planning a party at her parents’ vacant lake house, which is right next door to the RV that a killing machine named Caleb (Michael X. Sommers) is using.

Her friends Shira (Georgia Leva), Delan (Zachary Roozen, Romeo and Juliet Killers), Theo (Brandon Santana), Ellen (Erica Shaffer), Alex (India McGee) all come out to visit, take cocaine and watch Night of the Living Dead on an iPhone while Caleb haunts the halls with his murderous and melodious hammer…


Our view:
Requiem for a Scream is painfully generic but that’s not to say it’s unenjoyable on a basic level. A look at production company Cartel Pictures’ former movies and director Ben Meyerson’s hack-for-hire filmography provides a forewarning that this movie won’t be a classic.

That said, it’s surprisingly engaging in its later stages despite an over-focus on a failed father-daughter relationship. Requiem for a Scream is nothing special though a watchable by-the-numbers slasher. The killer’s exposition is hilariously contrived.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“Writers Jordan Robinson and Andre Puca have put together a slasher that has some decent blood and guys, as well as a nail gun getting used in a particularly nasty way […] It’s not The Prowler (or any one of the slashers of 1981, perhaps the last year where they were all something wonderful) but it’s definitely a lot of fun.” B&S About Movies

“This could have been a whole different film if they would have kept the killer as cold and as ruthless as he first appeared to be. Instead, they resorted to the odd tricks of the trade and had the antagonist be tricked by the group of kids like out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. If you’re a fan of the slasher genre, then Requiem for a Scream is worth checking out, as the film does offer those fleeting moments of originality.” Horror Facts

” …as recent slashers go it’s actually quite good. It delivers on the bloody kills and the plot brings enough Giallo elements to make it more interesting than a lot of similar films. I do wish that cinematographer Lars Lindstrom had been able to give Requiem for a Scream some of that genre’s visual style as well.” 3.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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