FROST (2022) Reviews of snowstorm thriller with Vernon Wells and Devanny Pinn

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‘When Hell freezes over’
is a 2022 American thriller about a young woman and her estranged father fighting to survive after being stranded in a snowstorm on a remote mountainside. Worse, a hungry wolf soon appears…

Directed by Brandon Slagle (The Flood; Arena WarsAttack of the UnknownThe DawnCrossbreedHouse of MansonDead Sea) from a screenplay written by Robert Thompson based on a story by co-executive producer by James Cullen Bressack (director of Hot SeatFortressCaptorsSurvive the GameBlood CraftBethanyPerniciousBlood Lake).

Produced by Devanny Pinn and Tim Yasui. Also, executive produced by Brian Perera and Yvonne Perera.


The Cleopatra Entertainment-Snow Leopard Entertainment co-production stars Vernon Wells, Devanny Pinn and Venus DeMilo Thomas.


Frost was released On-Demand (VOD) on October 11, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon Prime
In the USA, Cleopatra Entertainment has also released Frost on DVD and on Blu-ray with a bonus soundtrack CD.

“The premise is well-executed, the narrative does a fantastic job maintaining the mounting tension, and an ending that is to be seen to be believed is a satisfying conclusion to the events that preceded. Another strength is the visuals and how effectively they showcase the snow-covered landscapes. Ultimately, Frost is a riveting thriller that far exceeds expectations.” 10K Bullets

“At less than 80-minutes, Frost still doesn’t move fast enough to sustain itself. Maybe that explains the choices made to turn the last chapter so explicit, shocking the audience awake, and mindlessly, uselessly turning morbid.”

“The survival-thriller veers hard left into grisly horror at the end but it lacked the tension and that would truly make it a nail-biter. Kudos to the decent camerawork and special effects which include frosty faces, blacked frostbitten digits and some gruesome gore that is sure to be a bridge too far for some who thought they were just getting a survival thriller.” McBastard’s Mausoleum

“A very tight little thriller that manages to keep tension and suspense high throughout while going for a slow burn approach – until the third act goes for full shock, that however makes perfect narrative sense […] And both Pinn and Vernon Wells’ grounded and natural performances really carry the movie, while a solid direction keeps things tight at all times…” Search My Trash

Frost works for the most part and is a tightly wound thriller up until the final act. Where it goes from there will stick in most viewers’ minds. But whether they remember it as a bold move or merely cheap sensationalism is another matter.” 3.5/5, Voices from the Balcony

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