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‘Danger is rising’
The Flood is a 2023 American action horror film about a jailbreak during a dangerous storm that is interrupted by hungry alligators.

Directed by Brandon Slagle (Arena Wars; Attack of the UnknownThe DawnCrossbreedHouse of MansonDead Sea) from a screenplay written by Chad Law and Josh Ridgway. Produced by Daemon Hillin.

The movie stars Casper Van Dien (The Most Dangerous Game; Assailant; Dead Water; Alpha WolfStarship Troopers), Nicky Whelan (Maneater; Tragedy Girls), Louis Mandylor, Devanny Pinn, Randy Wayne, Kim DeLonghi, Ryan Francis, Mike Ferguson, Eoin O’Brien and Randall J. Bacon.

In the UK, The Flood is being released by Altitude on digital platforms on July 17, and on DVD on 14 August 14, 2023. Rent or buy from Amazon Prime Video

“With an obviously low budget, The Flood is forced to make do with cheap, unconvincing computer-generated alligators. The result is often laughable because the quality of the CGI is on the level of a SyFy Channel original movie, like Sharknado. The difference is that those cable films are tongue-in-cheek.” 1.5 out of 4, The Aisle Seat

“It’s always important to remember how hard it is to get a movie made and financed, but The Flood feels conceived with enough cynicism to earn negative feedback as if moviegoers will watch anything and hold no standards. If a movie about alligators swimming loose in a flooded police station isn’t thrilling us, then what are we even doing here? This is an utter waste of time. Grade: F, The Artful Critic

The Flood wears its patchwork of cinematic action influences on its sleeves but struggles to bridge them together in a cohesive and logical manner. The story touches on everything from Assault on Precinct 13 to even Point Break; all approached with a seriousness that belies the B-movie premise. That ultimately cuts to the crux of The Flood, an overly earnest yet generic action vehicle that shoehorns its creature feature horror into the mix when it must. It makes for an unfocused action vehicle that crumbles under the weight of rough creature mayhem, convoluted subplots, and a series of familiar story beats taken with utmost seriousness. ” 1.5 out of 5, Bloody Disgusting

“Overall, The Flood isn’t a bad film; it’s just that nothing really feels natural here except the concept. The acting is a little bland with not-so-memorable characters beyond the sheriff and a smart-mouthed prisoner, the execution feels forced but dry with no real emotion or intention behind the dialogue, and the action scenes lack the kinds of thrills one would expect from a horror film of this nature.” 3 out of 5, Loud & Clear

“Was it scary? No! It was fun though. I found myself rooting for the alligators when it came to some of these convicts. What I loved: The camera angles. The sounds of the beasts as they came up on our characters. The opening credits. Yeah….boys! Good job!” Maria’s Space

While the opening of The Flood creates a rather fine mood and a rap sheet introduction to each of the surly prisoners hints at some style from director Brandon Slagle, it all floats out the window when the CGI gators show up. Looking either normal-sized when they need to hide underwater when sneaking up on their prey or humungous as they perform impressive feats of reptilian strength […] so little effort has been put into what are arguably the stars of the show that it does make you pause and wonder why these movies are made in the first place.” 2 out of 10, The MN Movie Man

“Performances are mostly solid, however, I find it irritating when accents are utilized by actors who can’t make them stick. The central cast, however, held the fort well and was convincing within the simple storyline. Alligators appear with enough frequency to even out the lulls in pacing. Gore is kept to a minimum…” 2.5 out of 5, Mother of Movies

“It’s too bad the filmmakers didn’t invest more in The Flood’s effects because while its plot is ridiculous, it’s also a lot of fun and manages some genuine suspense and jumps. And the scenes of the gators swimming underwater and stalking their prey would have added considerably to that if they didn’t look so bad. There’s still a lot to like about The Flood even if you can’t get past the dodgy effects.” 3 out of 5, Nerdly

“The performances are at best mediocre, the sets are all designed with an eye to minimizing the budget, and the crocs in some shots look like they might have started life as Walmart pool toys. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but at no point will you believe the croc and the actor are actually in the same shot. But it turns out that just doesn’t matter. There’s just something fun and entertaining about creature features, and in that regard, The Flood delivers.” Planet Dave

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