ACCIDENT MAN: HITMAN’S HOLIDAY (2022) 12 reviews of Scott Adkins’ action comedy

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‘Accidents happen. He can guarantee it.’
Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday
is a 2022 action crime comedy film in which Mike Fallon is back and must defeat the top assassins in the world to protect the ungrateful son of a Mafia boss, save the life of his only friend and rekindle his relationship with his maniacal father figure.

Directed by The Kirby Brothers [George Kirby and Harry Kirby] (The Real Target) from a screenplay written by Stu Small (Debt Collectors; Avengement; The Debt Collector; Accident Man) based on a storyline co-written by Scott Adkins and Small.

The Wonder Street-Link Entertainment-Six Demon Films stars Scott Adkins (Day Shift; One Shot; Castle FallsLegacy of LiesThe Intergalactic Adventures of Max CloudSeizedAbductionLegendary), Ray Stevenson, Perry Benson, Sarah Chang, George Fouracres, Flaminia Cinque, Beau Fowler, Faisal Mohammed, Andreas Nguyen, Peter Lee Thomas, Adam Basil and Steffi Thake (Machination).


Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday took everything I loved about the original and amplified it! The action, the characters, the pacing… there’s no aspect of the movie that did not feel better than the original. Plus, leaning into the comedy benefitted the movie and the Mike Fallon character. Fallon may go down as Adkins’ most likable character when it is all said and done.” Bulletproof Action

“Scott Adkins manages to move himself, once again, from the co-star with a few minutes of screen time to leading man and proves that he can carry a movie with him. He’s certainly not doing anything revolutionary, but his performance, while captivating, also possesses some charisma and chemistry with his co-stars. He shares a genuine passion with Perry Benson and Sarah Chang…” 3.5 out of 5, Elements of Madness

” …this could easily become my go-to example of choice, to give to people as an illustration of why Adkins is arguably the most under-rated action star in the world. But in all good conscience, I can only recommend it in an edited form, with all the juvenilia taken out. Mind you, there would remain about a 60-minute show-reel of amazing martial arts skills.” Grade: B, Film Blitz

“Unlike the first movie, the second one was already off track from the start. The action scenes went on for too long and were boring. Even the fight between Oyumi and Mike had many predictable moments. All in all, Action Man: Hitman’s Holiday isn’t a worthy action thriller.” Film Fugitives

“Chang is wild, and a brilliant physical performer in the array of action sequences she has (including several comedic duels with Adkins) but importantly she’s likable and funny […] Loaded with great lines, excellent fights, and a sense of anarchic fun, Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday nails its simple premise to deliver a stellar 90 minutes of entertainment.” 4 stars out of 5, Flickering Myth


Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday presents an entertaining blend of action and British humour. It is not the finest or the sharpest one in terms of its wit or sarcasm, but it has those insult humour dialogues that are sparingly spread across many comedies from England.” High on Films

“With Andy Long onboard as both fight choreographer, and Mike’s perpetually airborne enemy, Oyumi, Hitman’s Holiday has hardcore Hong Kong action fans more than luxuriously covered. Mike Fallon’s adventures in Malta might be described as a “Hitman’s Holiday”, but no one will find more of a paradise in the movie than action and comedy fans alike.” Kung-Fu Kingdom

“Despite the script’s deficiencies, all that really mattered here were the fight scenes. Adkins is still game and jump kicking like he was a teen on Cobra Kai. He’s got the ideal swagger for a leading man and while some of the film’s over-the-top antics is intentional, Hitman’s Holiday could be so much more by easing up on the zaniness all around.” Lyles Movie Files

Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday is certainly a movie that targets a niche audience. It’s a low budget action movie, with a more jokey approach than most Scott Adkins movies. This will put some people off. I liked it, while my girlfriend hated it. And she usually likes the simplistic Adkins action movies…” 2.5 out of 5, Mikey Mo

” …it’s a fun new episode rather than the fresh new experience it was to see Adkins do this sort of thing for the first time. Also there was more of a tightness to the first story, the way it centered around the pub and this group of associates […] On the other hand, I really think this is a good sequel because it returns to the same world and tone but mixes things up in many ways…” Vern’s Reviews

“Obviously what people find funny is a very subjective thing, but apart from the gruesomely inventive “accidents” I just didn’t find much of it funny […] n balance though, the fight scenes in Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday more than make up for the script’s failings, they’re the kind of showcases for the talents of all involved that we don’t get to see enough of these days.” 3.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony


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