LEGACY OF LIES (2020) Reviews and overview

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Legacy of Lies is a 2020 action-thriller feature film about an ex-MI6 agent who is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes.

Written, produced and directed by Adrian Bol – making his feature debut – the international co-production stars Scott Adkins (Seized; Debt Collectors; Avengement; Accident Man), Anna Butkevich, Honor Kneafsey (Slumber) and Yuliia Sobol (Cold Blood).


Legacy of Lies has Adkins play a serious no-nonsense role, driven by plot and story rather than fists and feet. Adkins shines through as he takes his acting abilities for a spin and lets his fight skills play shotgun in the passenger seat. When we do get to see Scott in action he does nothing but shine as usual.” Action Reloaded

“Adkins ability to go from zero to maniac in an instant is on full display as everyone is in his crosshairs. The pace of the film has quite a few starts and stops but it never lulls for too much time. Whenever I started to become aware of it things would pick back up. It’s shot well, nothing too crazy or experimental…” Bulletproof Action

“For Adkins fans, it will tick the action boxes, without having quite the instant cult potential of Undisputed 2-4, Avengement or Accident Man. Importantly though, it’s another film where Adkins hits the right notes more often than not and delivers something with a mark of quality that many of his contemporaries are regularly failing to hit.” Flickering Myth

“There’s nothing particularly surprising or original here, and a string of false endings only serves to make the film feel like it’s loitering for an extra 15 minutes when it could’ve been sufficiently wrapped up by the 90-minute mark. Legacy of Lies is far from essential Adkins, but he’s got several not-bad throwdowns that make it required viewing for his fans.” Good Efficient Butchery

” …this is a damn great espionage story with twists and turns at every turn.  And yes, this is more of espionage thriller, so there’s not a whole lot of action, but when there is, it’s beautiful. The amazing Tim Man was the fight choreographer on this, and he gives us some exemplary beat downs…” Ultimate Action Movies

“Unfortunately, the fight scenes are few and far between. Most of what action there is in Legacy of Lies is chases and gunfights. Neither of which are more than adequately done at best. The final showdown is particularly uninspired and lifeless. Actually “adequately done” describes Legacy of Lies fairly well.” Voices from the Balcony

Legacy of Lies is a very well-done espionage thriller that brings out the best in Scott Adkins in terms of both grounded action and his excellent acting range, especially in the “haunting” scenes. Breakout performances by Honor Kneafsey and Yuliia Sobol as well as an excellent performance by Anna Butkevich makes this one Adkins thriller worth watching and getting!” World Film Geek

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Cast and characters:

Scott Adkins … Martin Baxter
Anna Butkevich … Tatyana
Honor Kneafsey … Lisa
Yuliia Sobol … Sacha
Andrea Vasiliou … Suzanne
Tetiana Nosenko … Olga
Sami Karim … Head Bouncer
Martin McDougall … Trevor
Matt Mitler … Mark Ramley
Tom Ashley … CIA Tech
Victor Solé … Maxim
Leon Sua … Edwards
Samantha Bruce … Amy (Skater girl)
Marco Robinson … Burns
Oleg Karpenko … AVIS Security Officer

Technical details:

101 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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