SHADY GROVE (2022) Reviews of cabin in the woods horror – trailer

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Shady Grove is a 2022 American horror film about a young couple who leave their party lifestyle behind and go to stay in a secluded cabin only to realise they have checked into a sinister nightmare as the locals reveal the true reason for their solitude…

Directed and co-produced by Dale Resteghini making his feature directorial debut after directing masses of music videos from a screenplay co-written by Nathan Dalton and Niki McElroy. Also produced by Nathan Dalton and Niki McElroy.

The Flawless Film-Shady Grove Film co-production stars Victoria Baldesarra, Sydney Morgan, Jackie Ritz, Becki Hayes, Juhahn Jones, Todd Anthony, Niki McElroy and Mohammad Abou-Abbas.

“The film moves at a lackadaisical pace during the first act. Shady Grove is obviously building to something, but it is in no hurry to get there. By the time the first kill occurs, almost an hour has passed. This means the plot speeds up dramatically during its second half. While there are a couple of things that carry over from the beginning, much of what happens feels unearned.” AIPT

“Clearly made on a low budget, Shady Grove looks pretty rough, but it delivers enough gore to please a certain sort of horror fan and it keeps the pace reasonably well. Whilst its premise is dubious in a modern setting for many reasons, even in a country with a shockingly low homicide detection rate, director Dale Resteghini makes it work well enough to entertain for an hour and a half.” Eye for Film

“The action is stunningly static, the murders something of an afterthought and the logic illogical, starting with the “smores” campfire party being set in broad daylight. And the slaughter, when it finally starts in earnest, is by the book and dull and features the fakest looking blood this side of Heinz 57.” 1 out of 4, Movie Nation

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