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Bridge of the Doomed is a 2022 American sci-fi horror film about a group of soldiers ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak. However, what lives underneath the bridge, proves to be even more deadly…

Directed by Michael Su (Bloodthirst; Night of the Tommyknockers; Death Count; Doomed; My Demon Within; The Revolting Dead) from a screenplay written by Adrian Milnes. Produced by Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal (Bermuda Island; Arena Wars; Night of the Tommyknockers; Death CountAttack of the UnknownBus Party to Hell).

The Mahal Empire production stars Michael Paré (Mayday; Reborn; Bad Moon), Robert LaSardo (Sky Sharks; Cynthia; Autopsy), Kate Watson and Sarah French (Automation; Blind; Rootwood).


“Made even more intense by the blood and guts that are thrown around with little care. These are effects to be proud of and the film knows this, shooting a lot of it in the day time and only hiding the lesser effects in the darkness, when completely necessary. Bridge of the Doomed isn’t going to change the zombie world, that simply isn’t possible, but it does make it that little bloodier.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Would have loved to have learnt more about the secondary monster and how it interacted with the zombies, it didn’t seem like they’d find it very edible though. I really enjoyed the fight scenes, both with weapons and without. Overall, an entertaining film with tense scenes that had me glued to the screen and splatter scenes that had me retreating with haste. A zombie movie with a fresh twist that I’d watch again.” Kate Trinity McQueen

“The gore and make-up effects on the infected are all masterfully done, thanks to Vincent Guastini Productions, and the mysterious creature at the center of the film is definitely a memorable addition to the mayhem. That’s right, this is not your typical zombie offering! There is much more to enjoy in this rapid-paced flick.” 4/5, Reel Reviews

“This indie zombie film may struggle to make its stakes seem high, but it does have plenty of human vs zombie action, and even some unique zombie types to make for more involved scenes. One scene even features zombie children, something that typically seems to be avoided for the most part in these types of horrors, so that was fun to see. Not a horror that was designed to be adored by all, but it was enjoyable and achieved exactly what it set out to do.” 6/10, The Rotting Zombie

Bridge of the Doomed is a military zombie flick that gives its niche exactly what it expects for about twenty minutes, then becomes its own oddly-paced beast. We don’t get exposition until the second act and that, too, takes us out of our comfort zone. It’s filled with guns, blood, and testosterone.” Tales of Terror

“LaSardo spends most of the film on base, but he does interact with much of the cast and turns up for the film’s climactic battle. Bridge of the Doomed really gave me little to complain about. It sets out to be a fast-paced and gory creature fest and that’s what it delivers. Milnes’ script gives us plenty of confrontations and Su brings them to bloody life.” 4/5, Voices from the Balcony

Bridge of the Doomed will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand (VOD) by Gravitas Ventures on November 4, 2022.

Sixteen days of principal filming were completed before the lockdown and producers Michael and Sonny Mahal (Attack of the Unknown; Art of the DeadBus Party to Hell) raised more funding via an Indiegogo campaign for post-production and promotion.

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