BERMUDA ISLAND (2022) Preview of survival thriller



‘Stranded in paradise… until the sun goes down’

Bermuda Island is a 2022 American survival thriller about the survivors of a plane crash who find themselves on a seemingly deserted island.

Directed by Adam Werth (Rancher’s Kin) from a screenplay written by Robert Thompson (Breakout; Frost; Crossbreed; Aftermath) based on a story by producers Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal (Night of the Tommyknockers; Death Count; Attack of the Unknown; Bus Party to Hell).



A passenger jet plane carrying dozens of people going somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle gets caught in a deadly storm and crash lands on an island hundreds of miles away from their flight path. They crash land on an island that seems like paradise.

In the daytime, it has crystal blue ocean water with lots of fish but no other wildlife seems to be around. At night time creatures come out of the caves and attack them. They are bloodsucking creatures. Someone who survived a shipwreck a few years prior tells them about how his group was killed off by them.


The group must band together to defeat the enemy but they start fighting each other and split into two groups with different leaders. Can they overcome the odds and survive? Or will the creatures destroy them all?


Principal filming on Bermuda Island has been completed. However, the production team has a successful IndieGoGo campaign with a stretch goal for adding additional scenes and special effects.

Cast and characters:

Tom Sizemore … TBC
Noel Gugliemi … Diego Montalban
Alex Rinehart … Diane
Sarah French … Carolyn
Sheri Davis … Peggy
Niko El Santo Zavero … Allen
Rachelle Henry … Rey
John Wells … Bruce
Mike Ferguson … Big Mike
Lisa Hinds … TBC
Isabelle Urganci … Sarah
Frederick George Stuhrberg … Scott
Elizabeth Noelle Japhet … Lisa
Crystal J. Huang … Karen
Tracy Obonna … Laura
BJ Mezek … US Marshal Emmanuel
Ben Stobber … Justin
Hans Hernke … Air Marshal Schneider
Thomas Rivas … Xander Cage
Kyle Clarington … Aiden
Kyrillos Saber … Jon
Scott Cassin … Michael Dawkins


IndieGoGo campaign video:

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