TALES FROM THE OCCULT (2022) Reviews of Hong Kong horror anthology – trailer

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‘Every nook and cranny has its fears’
Tales from the Occult is a 2022 Hong Kong horror anthology film that revolves around urban terror including the story of a pop singer who purchases a new house only to discover the horrors of the previous tenant, a tale of a spirit who haunts the staircase of an apartment complex and another tale of a ghost who resides in a shopping mall.

Co-directed by Wesley Hoi Ip Sang, making his directorial debut, veteran Fruit Chan (Coffin Homes; The Midnight After; Tales from the Dark 1; Don’t Look Up; Three Extremes; Dumplings) and Fung Chih-chaing (writer of A Witness out of the Blue). Produced by John Chong; Shirley Lau and Jeff Tang Hon Hung.

The movie stars Richie Jen (Man on the Edge; Fagara; Breaking News), Jerry Lamb (Man On the Edge; Hell Bank Presents Running Ghost; Enter The Fat Dragon), Cherry Ngan (A Witness Out of the Blue; Tales from the Dark Prt 1; The Shadow Play), Charm Man Chan, Lawrence Cheng, Kelvin Kwan, Hoi-Yan Ng, Wing-Sze Ng and Cecilia So.


Plot synopsis:
The Chink follows young pop star Yoyi (Cherry Ngan) who moves into a new home to have more time with her married boyfriend. However, her plan backfires as her mental health deteriorates. Distressed and driven to the edge, she can’t tell whether she is suffering a relapse of her depression, or if she is being haunted by a menacing ghost.

In The Mall, while hosting a live stream that introduces a new shopping mall for potential entrepreneurs, YouTuber Wilson Yeung (Jerry Lamb) is confronted by an influencer who specialises in exposés. Meanwhile, a masked avenger also roams the halls of the mall, setting the scene for a shocking denouement about a terrifying incident that happened before the mall’s renovation.

On the stairwell of The Tenement, a soaked mystery figure in a raincoat is blocking the exit. As it slowly creeps upstairs, the building’s remaining residents suspect that it’s the spirit of a drowning victim. A bold but cautious novelist and her fellow residents turn to a former triad assassin living on the fifth floor for help.


” …it cannot quite muster the level of suspense needed for creating genuine dread. There are a few intense moments and a couple of scenes that will undoubtedly make people jump, but no one is likely to lose any sleep over these stories. However, the special effects are of respectable quality and the acting decent all around.” Eastern Kicks

“In each of the increasingly humorous storylines, Chan’s being a particular highlight of wit and irony, there is a lingering dissatisfaction with the contemporary society from the pressures of the fiercely competitive housing market to the kind of financial desperation and longing for connection that fuels the consumerist emptiness of influencer culture.” Windows on Worlds

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