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‘Evil never tasted so good!’
The Gingerdead Man is a 2005 American comedy horror film directed by Charles Band from a screenplay by William Butler and Domonic Muir (as August White) The Full Moon Entertainment production stars Robin Sydney, Ryan Locke, Alexia Aleman and Jonathan Chase. Gary Busey makes a brief appearance onscreen before his character is killed and he returns as the voice of The Gingerdead Man.

John Carl Buechler designed the special effects.

Two direct sequels followed, Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (2008) and Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011). The villainous character made a further appearance in Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong (2013).

Insane criminal Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey) kills several diner patrons, including young Sarah’s family. She is shot and left for dead.

Having survived, Sarah (Robin Sydney) now runs her own bakery and one day receives a mysterious package containing gingerbread seasoning. Bizarrely, she immediately add the seasoning to her latest batch of cookies.

Unfortunately, the seasoning was actually the ashes of Findlemeyer (who was executed in the electric chair), left by his mother, who is a witch. When co-worker Brick (Jonathan Chase) accidentally cuts his hand and gets blood in the dough, this resurrects Findlemeyer in cookie form!

“The best thing to do with The Gingerdead Man is not take it seriously. At all. It’s a dumb, goofy, and cheesy horror comedy that invokes the likes of Jack Frost and Child’s Play to tell a story that’s giddy with cheesiness from the get go.” Cinema Crazed

“The cast all acquit themselves well and Band keeps the tension going in the second half which is when the killer cookie is let loose. The only major ‘huh?’ moment is when Julia and Betty are being attacked; the bakery just doesn’t look a big enough establishment that the others would not be aware of this. But on the whole, the action and characterisation is fine.” Cult films and the people who make them

“Frankly I’m amazed that something this low-rent and borderline-unwatchable could come from a guy who has directed over 100 movies. True, they were always low-budget and cheesy, but at least they felt like real movies! The Gingerdead Man is a few limp kill scenes, a truly moronic concept, and a whole lotta brain-damaging “cookie” puns.” DVD Talk

“The performances are about on par with present-day Full Moon features, which is to say they range from slightly amateurish to outright lousy. Robin Sidney garners our sympathy by seeming frail and being very pretty, but no one else really registers even when they’re going for over-the-top caricatures.” F This Movie

“Gary Busey doesn’t have to do much as the voice of the doughy psycho but the puns that pour from his mouth are amusing. The Gingerdead man does look pretty cool & the up close bits show a nasty snarling face removing any semblance of cute from the iconic Gingerbread Man. The violence & gore isn’t too over the top sadly…” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“There is little in the way of gore, much of it happens off-screen and we are left only with the aftermath which I imagine was down to the meagre budget. The financial constraints are obvious at every turn but there are some fairly imaginative scenarios and the Gingerdead Man has some fantastically silly one-liners.” Gorepress

“The script sets out to make as many bakery related puns and one-liners as possible – characters are constantly tossing off lines like “shut your pie hole,” “tough cookie” or “give me some sugar, baby.” On the other hand, The Gingerdead Man is hamstrung by its cheapness.” Moria

“Even though the acting is suitably goofy at times and the title killer created by veteran effects man John Carl Buechler isn’t too bad, this one is just much too talky and dull for it’s own good. It’s the lack of outright mayhem (that a premise like this should have) that drags The Gingerdead Man down.” The Video Graveyard 

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