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Spirit’s Revenge is a 2022 American supernatural horror film about an evil spirit punishing two married adulterers.

Directed by and co-starring Tommy Barnes from a screenplay written by executive producer Bridget Vaughan.

The BGV Films production also stars Alex Van Zeelandt, Joshua Cordle, Joseph Wilson, Amanda Ratliff, Jennifer Tortorici, Nichole Davis and Sheila Ann Smith.


Plot synopsis:
Zoey loses interest in her Viagra-dependent husband and decides to have an affair with a younger man named Craig, who has also lost interest in his wife.


Despite constant scares and threats, Zoey and Craig are determined to be together, but what they didn’t count on was an evil spirit who has been resurrected to end adultery. The spirit, who was once an earthling, uses any means necessary to punish the adulterers and earn the right to return to Earth as a human…


“A fairly boring and occasionally incompetent attempt at horror that never really gets going. If you’re hoping for entertainingly bad and weird then you’ll be disappointed; only the Neil Breen-esque TV newsroom crosses the line into the comically inept. If you’re hoping for genuinely entertaining horror then how misguided can you be to end up here?” Raymond Marble

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BayView Entertainment released Spirit’s Revenge on Blu-ray on December 27, 2022. The film is also available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime


Cast and characters:
Alex Van Zeelandt … Zoey
Joshua Cordle … Craig
Joseph Wilson … Franklin
Amanda Ratliff … Veronica
Tommy Barnes … Lee, Craig’s co-worker
Jennifer Tortorici … Elaina
Nichole Davis … Jill
Sheila Ann Smith … Nina
Summer Liddington … Spirit and Paramedic
John Wiggins … Male Paramedic
Jerald Winston … Zombie
Steve Wrigley … News Reporter
Lindsay Hope … Karla Criswell
Kate Winston … Bloody Woman
Donnie Clark … Woody
Samantha Harlan … Memorial Attendee
Kate DeSha … Theresa
Patrice Kelly … Zoey’s Neighbour
Brian Stamper … Human Mannequin

Filming locations:
Nashville, Tennessee

Technical specs:
1 hour 30 minutes

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