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Mother, May I? is a 2022 American horror thriller film about a young man’s fiancé who starts behaving like his recently deceased mother.

Written and directed by Laurence Vannicelli (Vera). Produced by Bogdan George Apetri, Daniel Brandt, Cole Eckerle, Dane Eckerle, Jason R Ellis, Daisy Long and Holland Roden.

The Bad Grey-Burn Later Productions-Cine Primo-Slow Blink co-production stars Kyle Gallner, Holland Roden, Chris Mulkey, Michael Giannone and Daphne Gaines.

Emmett (Kyle Gallner) wants to clean and flip his recently deceased mother’s house: get in, get out, and avoid any trauma still lingering from when she abandoned him as a young child. Anya (Holland Roden), his fiancé, see’s this as an opportunity to finally force Emmett to deal with his trauma because she believes it is preventing him from being the partner she needs. So she convinces him to take mushrooms to get him to let go.

However, something strange happens while they’re tripping: she starts behaving like his mother. The next morning he wakes up sober, but she still won’t drop the act… Anya loves to play games – is this her taking it too far? Or did his mother’s spirit somehow possess her?


“Maybe heading back home and settling affairs isn’t really the best of ideas, but I say that with every horror movie because going back home and being confronted by the loss of a parent is a harrowing thing so I can see why so many movies touch on it. This one does it right, does it strange and ends up being more than memorable.” B&S About Movies

“Ti West move over, there’s a new slow-burn king! Laurence Vannicelli delivers a beautifully crafted thriller that will have you guessing, and the performances from the leads are just as eerie as they are captivating!” 3 out of 5, Cinedump

“Gallner and Roden give a virtual acting clinic, especially Roden, who is tasked with displaying a myriad of emotions for virtually two characters — or is it two? Although supernatural elements are on display throughout the film, Vannicelli’s mind-twister slow burns its way to a truly horrific act. The dialogue between Emmett and Anya is often highly uncomfortable, as is the emotional strain on characters throughout the film.” 3.5 out of 5, The Scariest Things

Release date:
Mother, May I? premiered at the 2023 Fantasy Filmfest in Germany on April 23, 2023.
In the US, Dark Sky Films will release the film theatrically in select locations and On-Demand (VOD) on July 21, 2023.



Cast and characters:

Kyle Gallner … Emmett
Holland Roden … Anya
Chris Mulkey … Bill
Michael Giannone … Mortician
Daphne Gaines … Realtor

Technical specs:
1 hour 39 minutes

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