STORAGE LOCKER (2023) Reviews of comic book collector horror

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‘What lives behind the door?’
Storage Locker is a 2023 American horror film about a comic book collector who encounters two beautiful, mysterious sisters who run a secret collectors’ society. To acquire the rarest of the rare comic books, he must battle a demonic presence in the sisters’ deadly storage facility.

Written, produced and directed by Ray Spivey. Executive produced by Brian Jammer.

The Guffman Films production stars Jeannie Carter-Cruz, Allen Danziger, Ross Fischer, Meredyth Fowler, Christian Garcia, Roddy Garcia, Mike Gassaway, Cathy Giesinger, Bobbie Grace,, Allen Grainger, Kelli Ball Grant, Connie Green, Jennifer Gunderson, Hannah Hufford, Nora Hunter, Brian Jammer, Skeeta Jenkins and Jennifer Joseph.


“Because of the film’s lower budget, practical and CG effects are lacking significantly […] If it had been more focused and less a homage to tropes and pop-culture icons, it might have been an excellent horror movie. Instead, it became confusing, distracting, and hard to follow.” 2.5 out of 5, Loud and Clear

“Unfortunately, it falls short due to its bloated runtime, awkward performances, and disjointed storytelling. If this was the assembly cut, I could definitely see it tightened to a more efficient 80-minute film. And while it does have some redeeming qualities, they are overshadowed by the film’s overall lack of cohesion and polish.” Zekefilm

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Filming locations:
Austin, Texas

Technical specs:
1 hour 53 minutes (!)

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