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The following is a private poster collection which is for sale.

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Email us first to confirm your order – [email protected] – P&P will depend on which country you live in and if more than one poster is shipped together. Once the order is agreed we can add on P&P.

A BIG discount for anyone seriously interested in buying as a bulk purchase is very welcome and easily negotiable.

Key to poster sizes:

British quad posters = 30 inches x 40 inches

Italian locandina poster = Tall, slim Italian cinema style. 70cm x 34cm

Italian fotobusta poster = Large format Italian poster, often part of a set like film stills. 65cm x 45cm

Belgian posters = 55cm x 37cm

French posters = 52cm x 39cm

Africa Addio – Belgian poster for mondo shockumentary. £7 or $9

Amazona  (Ruggero Deodato, aka Cut and Run, 1984) – Italian locandina 70cm x 34cm, rolled. £15 or $19

Bell from Hell – Belgian, rolled, 55cm x 37cm. £10 or $13

Beyond the Door II (aka Shock – Mario Bava, 1977) American poster. £16 or $20

Black Belly of the Tarantula (1972 Giallo horror thriller) – German poster with a topless victim. Good condition. Folded. £16 or $20

Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle (1976) – British quad poster.

Blood Link (aka Extrasensorial, 1983) Italian locandina for Giallo thriller, great image as featured on the front of Blood and Black Lace book! The bottom corner is torn off, unfortunately. £10 or $13

Candido Erotico (1978 Italian erotic film) – British 1978 quad poster.

Cannibal! + Psychic Killer – 1978 British quad poster for horror double-bill. Cannibal! is Last Cannibal World by Ruggero Deodato. £20 or $26

Cannibal Holocaust (Ruggero Deodato, 1980) – Large German poster, folded, good condition. £25 or $32

La casa della paura (aka Girl in Room 2a) – Very rare Italian locandina 70cm x 34cm. £25 or $29

La casa stregata (1982) Gloria Guida sex comedy, French poster as La lyceenne espouse un dingue. £5 or $6

Case of the Scorpion’s Tail – Italian fotobusta for a 1971 giallo. Ripped top left. 65cm x 45cm. £10 or $12

Cave of Torture (Destino: Estambul 68. Crime pic from 1967 made to look like horror ! Belgian rolled poster. £6 or $7

Chastity Bites – Small 2013 US poster with “thanks moviesandmania” from the filmmakers written on it. £3 or $4

Chopper Squad (La Polizia accusa: il servizio segreto uccide; Sergio Martino, 1976) Italian locandina 70cm x 34cm. £12 or $15

Conquest – Folded Spanish mini poster in full colour and signed by cult fave director Lucio Fulci in silver pen, three times!!! £20 or $25

Crimes in the Etruscan Cemetery (Sergio Martino, 1982) Italian poster. £15 or $17

Crimes of the Black Cat (Sette scialli di seta gialla, 1972) – Rare large Italian poster, folded 96cm x 66cm. £30 or $35

Crimes of the Black Cat (Sette scialli di seta gialla, 1972) – 3 Italian fotobusta posters, rolled 65cm x 45cm, bit tatty but great images. £30 or $39

Death Line – German poster for 1972 Brit horror, Tunnel der Lebenden Leichen translates as Tunnel of the Living Dead! £20 or $25

Death Occurred Last Night – Very rare UK quad for an obscure 70s giallo.

Death Walks in High Heels (1972) – Gory throat slasher fotobusta, tatty but great Giallo image

Death Walks in High Heels (1972)  – Italian cloth-backed fotobusta, folded and seen better days 65cm x 45cm

Decameron 2 (1972) – French rolled poster with a fold in the middle. £5 or $6

Demoness – US glossy poster for Shock-O-Rama with Margaret Erin-Easley, 86cm x 56cm. £3 or $4

La dottoressa del distretto militare (Nando Cicero, 1976) Edwige Fenech, Alvaro Vitali, Alfredo Pea sexy comedy. Large folded German poster. 84cm x 59cm. £10 or $13

Dr Jekyll and Mistress Hyde – Misty Mundae madness! £3 or $4

Eaten Alive! (Lenzi) – German poster for 1980 cannibal film, rolled. 84cm x 59cm. £20 or £26

Eaten Alive! (Lenzi)– Folded UK quad poster

Ejacula – large format poster for naughty horror. £5 or $6

Emanuelle & Francoise (Blood Vengeance, Joe D’Amato) – Great UK quad poster

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals – German folded poster as Nackt Unter Kannibalen, 84 cm x 59cm

Emmanuelle Triple-Bill – UK quad poster for 3 Emmanuelle movies!

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead – German poster for Joe D’Amato’s 1980 film, signed by the director!  £35 or $42

Escape from Hell (1979) – Rare Japanese rolled poster for a sleazy prison film. 73cm x 51cm. £25 or $32

The Evil Eye – Hyper rare Spanish poster for 1962 Mario Bava Giallo. Bit tatty but wow! £20 or $25

Eyeball (Lenzi, 1974) – Italian fotobusta poster, 65cm x 45cm. £20 or $25

Eyes of Hell + The Young, The Evil and The Savage – British 60s quad, great images

The Flower with Petals of Steel – Hyper rare Italian locandina for obscure 70s giallo. £20 or $25

Forbidden Room (Ames Perdues, 1976) – Folded 70s Belgian poster

The Forest Slave (Amazonia, Mario Gariazzo)

The Great Alligator – Italian locandina poster for 1979 Sergio Martino jungle adventure horror film. £15 or $17

Great White (1981) – US one-sheet for Italian Jaws-rip-off that was withdrawn due to litigation from Universal Studios! So very rare… £45

Hot Lips of the Killer (Giallo) – 3 ultra-rare Italian fotobusta posters, all rolled 65cm x 45cm. £30 or $33

Hot Nights of the World (1960s mondo shockumentary) – Belgian rolled and folded poster. Two staple marks. 55cm x 37cm

House by the Cemetery (Lucio Fulci, 1981) – German Ascot poster, folded. Tear at the top. 84cm x 59cm

La Iena (Joe D’Amato) – Italian locandina

Iguana with a Tongue of Fire – Set of eight ultra-rare Italian fotobusta posters for 1971 Giallo, all rolled 65cm x 45cm. £80 or $90

Isle of the Fishmen – Rare Japanese poster for 1979 Sergio Martino fantasy horror. Good condition

Isle of the Fishmen (1979) – Large Greek lobby card poster

Lady Frankenstein (1971)  – Belgian rolled poster, good condition, 55cm x 37cm. £10 or $12

Look in on Sex – 70s UK poster and 6 b/w stills

Lord of the G-Strings – Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, glossy US poster, 86cm x 56cm

Lustful Addiction – Misty Mundae, Seduction Cinema, glossy folder poster  86cm x 56cm

The Lustful Barbarian (The Terrible Swift Sword of Siegfried, 1971) – Erotic peplum poster. Bit tatty

Magdalena Possessed by the Devil – Rare 1975 rolled Japanese poster 73cm x 51cm. £40 or $45

Man from Deep River (Umberto Lenzi, 1972) – German folded poster as Mondo Cannibale 2

Maya (Marcello Avallone horror, 1987) Italian locandina 70cm x 34cm. £15 or $17

Mean Mother (blaxploitation) – US poster (reproduction)

Moana ele sue bestie (Moana Pozzi) Italian locandina. £10 or $12

Mondo Balordo – Belgian photo poster for 60s mondo madness

Mondo Magic aka Magia Nuda – Belgian poster for 1975 shockumentary

The Monk – Belgian poster, 1972 Franco Nero

La Muerte Incierta – Large Spanish poster for Jose Larraz rarity from 1973

The Murder Clinic – French poster for Giallo with William Berger, Francoise Prevost as Les Nuits de L’Epouvante, 1966

My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga, and Julie + Sex Diary – British 1970s quad poster

Naked Beast – Ultra-are Argentinian poster for 1967 Emilio Vieyra movie as La Bestia Desnuda. Large format 108cm x 74cm. £20 or $26

Naked Exorcism – Ultra-rare British 1970s quad poster with nudity. £40 or $50

New Erotic Tales of Boccaccio (1972) – Belgian rolled and folded poster, 55cm x 37cm, one small tear hole at the right side, minor damage at top

The New York Ripper (Lucio Fulci, 1982) – German Ascot poster, folded. Tear at the top. 84cm x 59cm

Night Train Murders (Aldo Lado, 1975)  – Rare Japanese poster, 72cm x 51cm, folded

Night Train Murders (Aldo Lado, 1975) – Folded lurid German poster as Mädchen in Den Krallen Teuflischer Bestien. £20 or $26

Poker in Bed – Lurid UK quad for Edwige Fenech sex comedy

Red Nights of the Gestapo (1977) – UK quad poster

Revenge of the Dead (aka Zeder,  Pupi Avati, 1983) Rare glossy US poster, folded. £18 or $23

Rock & Rock Frankenstein (2002) – US glossy poster. £3 or $4

Savage Man, Savage Beast (1976) – Belgian poster for mondo shockumentary. £10 or $13

Secret Africa – rolled Belgian poster for 60s mondo. £8 or $10

Shark Hunter (Enzo Castellari, with Franco Nero, 1979) – Italian locandina, both top corners missing. £10 or $13

Sin Sisters – Misty Mundae, Chelsea Mundae – Glossy US poster, 86cm x 56cm, £3 or $4

Snuff (as American Cannibale, 1976) German poster, folded. Tear at the top. 84cm x 59cm. £25 or $32

SpiderBabe – Misty Mundae, 2003. £3 or $4

SS Camp 5: Women’s Hell (Sergio Garrone, 1976) – Ultra rare Japanese rolled poster 73cm x 51cm. £40 or $50

SS Camp 5: Women’s Hell (Sergio Garrone, 1976) – Ultra rare Japanese rolled poster (different version) 73cm x 51cm. £40 or $50

Temple of Decadence – Belgian rolled poster 55cm x 37cm for 70s adult horror. £8 or $10

Terror – Franco Prosperi’s 1978 nasty take on Last House on the Left. Ultra-rare 70s Japanese poster! 72cm x 52cm. £20 or $26

Terzo occhio (The Third Eye, 1963) – Italian fotobusta for ultra-rare Giallo. £20 or $26

They’re Coming to Get You! – American folded one sheet for Sergio Martino’s 1972 satanic Giallo movie, good condition. £25 or $32

Too Beautiful to Die (aka Nothing Underneath II, Dario Piana, 1988, Italy) – Locandina poster as Sotto il vestito niente II. £15 or $19

Transexual Vice of Moana (Pozzi) – Italian locandina

Trauma aka Trhauma – Ultra rare Italian locandina from 1979 that was barely released in Italy. Has two slight tears of 4cm each. £15 or $19

Vampire and the Ballerina (L’amante del vampiro, Renato Polselli, 1960) Belgian poster as La maitresse du vampire, slight damage at the bottom but over 60 years old! £30 or $39

The Victim (Frissons d’horreur aka Autopsy) French poster for Giallo

Virgin of Nuremberg (1963) – Belgian rolled poster 55cm x 37cm. £12 or $15

White Slave (aka Amazonia, 1984) – Rolled Belgian poster for jungle horror. £10 or $13

White Slave (Amazonia, Mario Gariazzo) – Italian locandina

The Young, The Evil and the Savage (aka Naked You Die) – Rare US one-sheet poster for a 60s Antonio Margheriti’s Nude si… muore giallo in good condition. 69 cm × 104 cm. £25 or $32

Zombie Holocaust – Belgian. £10 or $12


What Became of Jack and Jill? + The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie – UK press book. £8 or $10

Press Sheets:

Bloody Birthday – French. £5 or $6

Motel Hell – French. £5 or $6

My Bloody Valentine (1981) – French. £5 or $6

The Warning  (aka Without Warning, 1980) – French. £5 or $6

Lobby cards:

Isle of the Fish Men (Sergio Martino, 1979) – large Greek lobby card, four staple marks in corners, 40cm x 30cm. £5 or $6

Sixteen (Anthony Steffen) – large Greek lobby card, 40cm x 30cm. £3 or $4


Long Weekend (Australian, 1978) – set of 12 French colour stills. £10 or $12

Urgence – set of 12 French stills. £6 or $8


1989 Playmen calendar with Italian female sinema stars baring their all. £15 or $18

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