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‘The new teacher is smart, sexy and out for blood’

Chastity Bites is a 2013 American horror comedy feature film directed by John V. Knowles from a screenplay by Lotti Pharriss Knowles.

The movie stars Allison Scagliotti, Francia Raisa, Louise Griffiths, Eduardo Rioseco, Chloë Crampton, Amy Okuda, Sarah Stouffer, Lindsey Morgan, Laura Niemi and Diana Chiritescu.

In the early 1600’s, Countess Elizabeth Bathory slaughtered more than 600 young women, believing if she bathed in the blood of virgins that she would stay young and beautiful forever. Still alive today, she’s found a perfect hunting ground for her ‘botox’ as an abstinence educator in conservative America, and the young ladies of San Griento High are poised to be her next victims. But will her unholy ritual finally be stopped by Leah Ratliff, a feminist blogger and ambitious reporter for the school paper?



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Chasity Bites is not just a hilarious, surprisingly effective horror comedy that effectively twists modern culturally trends into an 80s style horror film. Chasity Bites is one of the best horror comedies in recent memory for those with the right pallet, deserving of a place beside The Cabin In The Woods and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil.’ W.D. Conine, Geek New Wave

‘ …delightfully cheesy horror comedy Chastity Bites, which takes a John Hughes high school world and puts a blackened spin on it. … Keep an eye out (metaphorically) for this warm-blooded farce at festivals near you — or maybe the Syfy channel, where it would be a nice fit.’ Elias Savada, Film Threat

‘High school hasn’t been this entertaining since Buffy started killing vampires. Take one part Clueless, and throw in the dedicated female lead that populate stories like Buffy, and you have a taste of Chastity Bites. There’s winks and nods to many of the films that 80s kids grew up on, and you can feel the influence there, but this film manages to be its own beast, and it’s an hilarious one.’ The Film Reel


‘There’s a lot to recommend this little indie horror-comedy, most especially much of the dialogue from screenwriter Lotti Knowles (the wife of the director), which has some biting lines of cattiness that remind me of the aforementioned Mean Girls as well as earlier works like Heathers and some of the better John Hughes movies.’ Scott Shoyer, Anything Horror


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‘ … has a lot to say about sex, social status and Republicans, but it observes these things almost as superficially as the reality shows it seems to condemn. I guess that’s called parody. And the horror element, which initially teases us with a Fright Night kind of quality, eventually fizzles. It’s okay, though.’ Michael Parsons, PA/PA Reviews

‘Not only does this bitingly witty independent film poke fun at the vampire horror genre, it playfully turns teen comedies upside down.’ Ken Tasho, Edge Philadelphia

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