Ravenous – UK, 1999 – reviews and overview


‘Get a taste for terror’

Ravenous is a 1999 horror feature film directed by Antonia Bird and starring Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette and Jeffrey Jones.

The plot revolves around cannibalism in 1840s California and some elements bear similarities to the story of the Donner Party and that of Alfred Packer. Screenwriter Ted Griffin lists Packer’s story as one of his inspirations for Carlyle’s character. The film’s darkly humorous and ironic take on its gruesome subject matter have led some to label it a black comedy.

The unique score by Michael Nyman and Blur’s Damon Albarn generated a significant amount of attention.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“A true gem in a decade with very few hits, Ravenous is part of those films that closed the 90s with a bang and foretold the horror revival of the 2000s. Grim and slow, but still witty and funny, Ravenous odd mix of horror and comedy in a Western setting is a terrific addition to the genre.” J Luis Rivera, W-Cinema


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Cast and characters:

  • Guy Pearce … Capt. John Boyd
  • Robert Carlyle … Col. Ives / F.W. Colqhoun
  • David Arquette … Pvt. Cleaves
  • Jeremy Davies … Pvt. Toffler
  • Jeffrey Jones … Col. Hart
  • John Spencer … Gen. Slauson
  • Stephen Spinella … Knox
  • Neal McDonough … Pvt. Reich
  • Joseph Runningfox … George (as Joseph Running Fox)
  • Bill Brochtrup … Lindus
  • Sheila Tousey … Martha
  • Fernando Becerril … Mexican Commander
  • Gabriel Berthier … Mexican Commander
  • Pedro Altamirano … Mexican Commander
  • Joseph Boyle … U.S. Blonde Soldier