PULSE (2006) Reviews and overview


Pulse is an 2006 American horror film and remake of the Japanese horror film, KairoPulse was written by Wes Craven and Ray Wright, and directed by Jim Sonzero.

The film stars Kristen Bell, Ian Somerhalder, Christina Milian and Brad Dourif.


When Josh Ockmann (Jonathan Tucker) enters a dark university library intending to meet his friend Douglas Zeigler (Kel O’Neill), he is attacked by a humanoid spirit that sucks the life force out of him. Some days later, Josh’s girlfriend, Mattie Webber (Kristen Bell), visits his apartment, seeing evidence that it has not been well kept. Josh tells Mattie to wait in the kitchen while he walks off. While waiting she finds Josh’s pet cat, locked in a closet dying from severe malnutrition. But when she rushes to tell him, she finds he has committed suicide by hanging himself with an ethernet cable.

Mattie and her friends begin to receive online messages from Josh asking for help but assume that Josh’s computer is still on and that a virus is creating the messages. Mattie learns that Josh’s computer has been sold to Dexter “Dex” McCarthy (Ian Somerhalder), who finds a number of strange videos on the computer. Mattie receives a package that Josh mailed two days prior to his death. Inside are rolls of red tape and a message telling her that the tape keeps “them” out, although he does not know why…


Unlike its predecessors, The Ring and The Grudge, some critics have felt the Japanese version of Pulse, despite possessing an interesting concept, held some room for improvement and stood the chance of having a better American version if the filmmakers just improved upon the flaws of the original. Sadly, director Jim Sonzero, and writer Wes Craven miss the mark on those flaws, missing even most of the ideas that made the original movie interesting.” Cinema Blend