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‘The dead will never look so alive’
Night of the Living Dead 3D aka Night of the Living DE3D is a 2006 horror film produced and directed by Jeff Broadstreet from a screenplay written, and edited, by Robert Valding. The movie stars Brianna Brown, Joshua DesRoches and Sid Haig.

In 1990, Night of the Living Dead was officially remade from a revised screenplay by George A. Romero and directed by special effects makeup expert Tom Savini.

Unlike the 1990 remake, no one involved with the original is involved with this version. The original film was never properly copyrighted, and so fell into the public domain, making this remake possible with no permission from the original’s creators (the original movie can actually be seen playing on TV at the start of this version).

In 2012, Jeff Broadstreet also directed the sequel Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation, starring Andrew Divoff and Jeffrey Combs.

Barb and her brother Johnny arrive late for their aunt’s funeral and find the cemetery overrun with zombies. After Johnny abandons her, Barb flees the cemetery and is rescued by Ben, a local college student.

The pair seek refuge in the nearby farmhouse of the Cooper family (Henry and Hellie Cooper, Henry’s daughter and Hellie’s stepdaughter Karen, farmhand Owen, and farmhand Tom and his girlfriend Judy), and attempt to live through the night along with other survivors, including the pyrophobic mortician, Gerald Tovar, Jr.

As Barb and Ben attempt to convince the Cooper family that the zombies are heading to the house, Tom and Judy are attacked while getting it on in the barn. After hearing Judy’s screams, Barb and the rest of the household attempt to save her, however,  they are too late.

When Tovar arrives, he explains what is happening. Owen the farmhand and Karen succumb to zombie bites and become undead…

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“While it does have some minor issues that crop up in terms of some questionable storyline tactics and a troubling production decision, beyond that there’s some enjoyable elements featured here if you’re willing to go along with it. Give this a chance if you’re a decided fan of these zombie efforts or are looking to complete all the different remakes and variations on the original…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“Broadstreet can barely keep up with his own filmmaking incompetence, directing a cast that resembles small-town community theater understudies, and following a script that prompts every character to talk, and talk, and talk. It seems that the only thing that scares writer Robert Valding more than hideous, blood-thirsty zombies would be a scene that relies on body language alone for communication.”

” …the slack pace and lack of suspense starts to make the whole enterprise more of an ordeal to be coped with than a thrilling and unique experience. The night-time setting seems to render the film rather colourless and visually lifeless as well, leaving us with nothing but the plot to latch onto for our edification — and there is certainly not much joy to be found there!” Horrorview

“The one thing it does do is give an amusing rationale for the difference between fast and slow-moving zombies – the slow ones are corpses that were infected, the fast ones are the living who became bitten by the dead. The end this film reaches is utterly unmemorable and disappointingly lacking in any of the bleak bite that the original film had.” Moria

“You can tell by the photography that it wasn’t made on a high budget. Even the 3-D vision can’t trick the eye the way it should. The make-up and effects don’t suffer much the obvious financial limitations, though, and the film is accessible. There are twists sprinkled at every turn and there is its strength.” Tales of Terror

“The addition of Sid Haig as an ornery mortician is one of the few treats. He skates by on his persona alone as he seems more annoyed that the dead are coming back to life than anything. […] A handful of memorable moments aside, Night of the Living Dead 3D completely falls apart in the end.” The Video Vacuum

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

Cast and characters:
Brianna Brown … Barb
Joshua DesRoches … Ben
Greg Travis … Henry Cooper
Sid Haig … Gerald Tovar, Jr.
Johanna Black … Hellie Cooper
Adam Chambers … Owen
Ken Ward … Johnny/Johnny Zombie
Alynia Phillips … Karen Cooper
Max E. Williams … Tom
Cristin Michele … Judy
Marcia Ann Burrs … Mom Zombie
Robert DiTillio … Priest/Priest Zombie
Brian La Rosa … Gerald Tovar, Sr Zombie/Second Road Attack Zombie/First Kitchen Attack Zombie/Crone Zombie/Window Zombie/Judy-killer Zombie
Alan Gorg … Mourner Zombie
Jason Brandt … Groundskeeper Zombie

Filming locations:
Fillmore and Los Angeles, California

Technical details:
1 hour 20 minutes
Audio: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1

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