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‘The beginning of the end’

Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation is a 2012 horror feature film prequel to Night of the Living Dead 3D. (2006). The movie stars Andrew Divoff (also a co-producer), Jeffrey Combs, Sarah Lieving (The Amityville Terror; Big Bad Bugs) and Denice Duff.


Pyrophobic mortician Gerald Tovar, Jr. inherits the family mortuary and accidentally exposes hundreds of un-cremated bodies to toxic medical waste.

As the corpses reanimate, Gerald’s inheritance-seeking younger brother, Harold, unexpectedly shows up and stumbles upon Gerald trying to keep the zombie outbreak under control.

Sibling rivalry gives way to madness as Harold discovers Gerald’s dark secret–the freshly exhumed and zombified corpse of their father…


” …don’t really feel that it’s either creepy enough or funny enough, although still enjoyable… it almost feels like a TV show… I don’t really know what they want with the movie, and I would have given the digital effects a second spin.” Cinezilla

“I suppose NOTLD3D:R-A holds a curiosity factor among those wishing to see Divoff act alongside Re-Animator‘s Jeffrey Combs, who plays Gerald’s no-good, conspiracy-prone teabagger brother. To horror-con geeks, this sounds akin to Pacino and De Niro’s diner scene in Heat. It’s not; it’s the gum under the table at that diner. And I like both actors.” Flick Attack

“Both Divoff & Combs are great to see but only Divoff has anything really meaty to sink his teeth in. Combs feels really under-used in the end & it’s a pity we didn’t get to see a bit more from him. Thankfully the duo’s interaction & conversations keep the movie afloat.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“When it comes to the zombies, they will finally make an appearance, I promise. It’s just that you have to sit through so much to get to them. Even then, it’s a wonder that they bothered. The zombies do just as little as Combs and Divoff did, stumbling around the mortuary polishing off minor characters and not even threatening a mass break-out.” Popcorn Pictures

“The gore is shiny and doesn’t merge well with the picture. It makes zombie-slaying boring and takes you out of the film altogether. The performances are the major reason to watch it. The two leads, perfect in their respective roles, do miracles when the dialogue doesn’t.” Tales of Terror

Choice dialogue:

Harold Tovar: “Are they slow? Are they shamblers or sprinters?”

Gerald Tovar, Jr.:”I want no part of disrespecting the dead!”

Cast and characters:

  • Andrew Divoff … Gerald Tovar, Jr.
  • Jeffrey Combs … Harold Tovar
  • Sarah Lieving … Cristie Forrest
  • Robin Sydney … DyeAnne
  • Adam Chambers … Russell
  • Scott Thomson … Werner Gottshok
  • Melissa Jo Bailey … Aunt Lou (as Melissa Bailey)
  • Denice Duff … Sister Sara
  • Rhonda Aldrich … Honey Del Amo
  • Mark Sikes … Francis Del Amo
  • Andra Kokott … Mrs Block
  • Ray Zone … Dead Man in Casket / Peter Block
  • Kyle Morris … Eric Hadley
  • Luis Accinelli … Gerald Tovar Sr. / Zombie
  • Max Taylor … Young Gerald Jr. – 1970s flashback
  • Tyler Moore … WHNZ Radio Announcer (voice)
  • Graham Hart … Van Driver
  • Walter Phelan … Worm-eye zombie / Jaw zombie
  • Neil D’Monte … Bobby Kimball zombie
  • Brad S. Clayton … Cemetery Zombie
  • Graham Denman … Aunt Lou Killer Zombie
  • Dennis Hayden … Tall Zombie
  • Lizelle Brandt … Scary Cute Asian Zombie
  • Paris Duff … Teenager Zombie
  • Brittani McNeal … Goth Zombie
  • Lisa Lowry … TeaBagger Hat Lady zombie
  • Kendra James … Angry Soccer Mom zombie
  • Chad Ambrose … Biker zombie
  • Justin Apone … Faceless Zombie
  • Denny Box … Zombie
  • Andy Takakjian … Zombie
  • Mark Valdez … Zombie
  • Vicki Villareal … Zombie
  • John Williams … Zombie
  • J.B. Street … Zombie (voice)


The film mocks ignorant right-wing politician Sarah Palin in the character of ‘Sister Sara’ (who works for a news outlet called ‘Fixed News’, a spoof of ‘Fox News’) and makes references to the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead film with comments such as “They’re Romero zombies” and “Pittsburgh is the zombie capital.” It also includes jokes about tea-baggers, Dick Cheney and the Republican party.

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