KHOONI PANJA (1991) Reviews and overview


Khooni Panja (English translation: ‘Bloody Claw’) is a 1991 Indian Hindi horror film directed by Vinod Talwar and produced by Achal Talwar. It stars Anil Dhawan, Jagdeep and Javed Khan.


An unfaithful husband is messing around with his girlfriend when suddenly they are set upon by the vengeful wife who had been spying on them. The jealous wife pulls a gun on the couple and demands that her husband shoot his lover but suddenly the tables are turned on the wife and she is killed.

The couple enlists the help of a crooked gardener to help bury the wife’s corpse on a stormy night. Just when they are about to lay her still-warm body to rest, she springs back to life only to be hacked (a hand is tellingly chopped off) with a sword and shoved back into the shallow grave by the murderous threesome.

Years pass and we learn that the murderer has been excommunicated by the rest of his family for his errant ways even though they aren’t aware that he is in fact a murderer. However, we also know that the vengeful spirit of the dead, chopped wife still lurks in the area where she met her grisly fate…


“The film is dire from beginning to end and one would have to think long and hard in order to come up with any redeeming features at all. This Panja is as abysmal as they get, even for the rather low brow genre of Bollywood Horror, yet perhaps worth a look in for its audacity to be so utterly cheap and woefully inept.” The Hot Spot Online