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Khooni Murdaa is a 1989 Indian Bollywood Hindi horror film about an obsessive lover who is accidentally killed by some college students; he returns as a supernatural monster and starts killing them one by one. Like Mahakaal (1994), the movie was obviously inspired by the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The title translates into English as “Bloody Corpse”.

Written and directed by Mohan Bhakri with additional dialogue by Anil Pandit.

The MKB Films production stars Deepak Parashar, Javed Khan, Sripradha [as Shree Pradha], Shagufta Ali [as Meethee], Kamna, Sandhu Raj [as Amrit Raj], Puneet Issar, Vidyashree, Mayur Verma, Huma Khan, Tina Ghai, Kuldeep Mallik, Suraj Chaddha, Minaaz, Shehzad Khan, Smita and Rajesh Vivek.

“Watching Bollywood versions of your favourite films takes some getting used to, as this starts with nearly an hour of stalking and courtroom drama before suddenly becoming a greatest hits package, along with not funny at all comedy filler and multiple song and dance numbers, all so that the running time is so long you really could have watched all the movies that it was inspired by — ripped off — in the same time.” B&S About Movies

” …when the ghost of Raanjit finally comes back there’s Elm Street scene for scene – at least a combination between parts one and three, with a dash of silly comedy and dancing in between! The finale is the best: it’s long and has a high body count and a few fun stunts here and there. Like all Bollywood movies a few martial arts moves is tossed in for good measure…” Ninja Dixon

” …it’s not content to simply rip off the first Nightmare on Elm St, no, it rips off NOES 3: Dream Warriors as well! […] As for Ranjit, his make-up is ok. He doesn’t look scary though, he looks like a burnt fish! And he never talks after his death, he only laughs maniacally. As for his powers, they’re not clear to those who don’t understand fluent Hindi…” Not This Time, Nayland Smith

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