The Thaw – Canada, 2008 – overview and reviews


A dark discovery. A relentless evil.’

The Thaw is a 2009 Canadian science fiction horror film directed by Mark A. Lewis starring Val Kilmer and Martha MacIsaac.

The film begins with a video documentary by Doctor David Kruipen, a research scientist in the Canadian Arctic. This is followed by a flashback to when David, his assistant Jane and two other researchers tranquilize a polar bear, then discover the frozen remains of a wooly mammoth.

They transport the polar bear to their research station. David calls his daughter Evelyn and pleads with her to visit the research station. Their relationship has been strained since the recent death of her mother. Evelyn tentatively agrees to come. After David hangs up, David and Jane learn that the tranquilized bear has died.

Meanwhile, a group of students, Ling, Freddie and Adam, are selected to join David’s research team…

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” …The Thaw won’t go down in the annals of great horror filmmaking. But, despite its well-worn science fiction premise of a resurrected prehistoric threat to humanity’s existence, the movie is produced well – and it manages to be entertaining. Recommended.” DVD Talk

“The acting is not bad at all and the gore will keep the bloodhounds fairly satisfied. I expected more creepy-crawly sensations, but it didn’t skeeve me out as much as I hoped it would. You’d think it would be a more “political” movie, since the real evil of the film is man’s ignorance of an increasingly ruined world that he may have created.” The WGON Helicopter

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