The Other – USA, 1972 – reviews

‘Holland – where is the baby?’

The Other is a 1972 psychological horror film directed by Robert Mulligan, adapted for film by Tom Tryon, from his bestselling novel. It stars Uta HagenDiana Muldaur, and Chris and Martin Udvarnoky.

Plot teaser:

Two nine-year-old twins, Niles and Holland (played by real life twins Chris and Martin Udvarnoky), live with their family on a Connecticut farm in the 1930s. They are taught by their grandmother (Uta Hagen) to play a supernatural game. When accidents occur and events take a murderous twist, the increasingly unsettling relationship between the twins comes under scrutiny…


The Other is a film that was regarded as a minor genre classic in its time. Its eminence has faded somewhat three decades later but it is still a strong and interesting work.” Richard Scheib, Moria

“Dressing a horror movie over the corpse of a drama with great direction, a good story (if a little predictable in this day and age of spot-the-twist) and fantastic acting, especially from the twins and Uta Hagen, you get an interesting picture that’ll make you think a little bit, a rarity for the genre.” Aint It Cool News

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