THE OTHER (1972) Reviews and overview


‘Holland – where is the baby?’

The Other is a 1972 psychological horror feature film directed by Robert Mulligan, adapted for the screen by Tom Tryon, from his bestselling novel. The movie stars Uta Hagen, Diana Muldaur, and Chris and Martin Udvarnoky.


Two nine-year-old twins, Niles and Holland (played by real life twins Chris and Martin Udvarnoky), live with their family on a Connecticut farm in the 1930s. They are taught by their grandmother (Uta Hagen) to play a supernatural game. When accidents occur and events take a murderous twist, the increasingly unsettling relationship between the twins comes under scrutiny…


The Other is a film that was regarded as a minor genre classic in its time. Its eminence has faded somewhat three decades later but it is still a strong and interesting work.” Moria

“Dressing a horror movie over the corpse of a drama with great direction, a good story (if a little predictable in this day and age of spot-the-twist) and fantastic acting, especially from the twins and Uta Hagen, you get an interesting picture that’ll make you think a little bit, a rarity for the genre.” Aint It Cool News

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