VIOLATOR (2018) Preview of Japanese death cult horror



‘She went looking for her sister. She only found death’

Violator is a 2018 Japanese horror film about a young woman who is trying to find out what happened to her missing younger sister; she discovers a sinister website that leads her to a small isolated village where desperate teenagers gather to find death.

Written and directed by Jun’ichi Yamamoto (Kuchisake onna Returns; Kabuking Z: The Movie; JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood; Meatball Machine 2005; Meatball Machine 1999).


The movie stars Mai Arai, Shinichi Fukazawa, Shun Kitagawa, Shinji Kubo, Sora Kurumi, Kanae Suzuki, Anna Tachibana, Ichiban Ujigami and Rei Yatsuka.


Violator is being distributed internationally by Summer Hill Entertainment.


Original title:



The Summer Hill Entertainment artwork reuses an image that promoted Paranormal Prison (2021) which in turn originates from a shot of actress Trista Robinson screaming in Echoes of Fear (2018).

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