THE EYE (2008) Reviews and overview


The eye
The Eye is a 2008 supernatural horror film starring Jessica Alba. It is a remake of the Pang Brothers’ 2002 film of the same name and is directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud.

The eye


Accomplished concert violinist Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) has been blind since childhood. After undergoing a double corneal transplant, her sight is finally restored. Her post-surgery recovery is helped along by the support of her sister Helen (Parker Posey) and neural ophthalmologist Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivolo).

As Sydney adjusts to a dazzling world of shapes and colours she begins to see inexplicable images of death and horror. At first, these visions are passed off as an after-effect of the surgery, but Sydney is convinced she’s seeing something terrifyingly real.

As her friends and family become fearful for her sanity, Sydney realises that the answer to her nightmare must lie with her anonymous eye donor…



The Eye is one of the better Asian horror remakes — not as good as The Ring and The Grudge but better than either of those film’s sequels or the ghastly One Missed Call — due in large part to the quality of the source material.”

“To call Alba the “female Keanu Reeves” would seem appropriate, but it’s not really fair to Reeves.” Dread Central

The Eye is a mawkish thriller dumbed down to resemble the moldy Asian horror leftovers teen audiences seem to flock to no matter the quality. It’s a sluggish chiller, poorly cast and conceived, but there’s something about the movie that indicates under better care, this type of spooky rumbling might’ve become something great.” DVD Talk

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