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Patrick is a 1978 Australian paranormal horror feature film co-produced and directed by Richard Franklin (Link; RoadgamesPsycho II) from a screenplay by Everett De Roche (Long Weekend). It stars Susan Penhaligon, Robert Helpmann and Rod Mullinar.

The film’s soundtrack score was composed by Brian May (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare; Roadgames; Mad Max).


The film was a huge hit in Italy where it was re-scored by Goblin. An unauthorised Italian sequel titled Patrick Still Lives was released in 1980.

The film was remade in 2013 as Patrick: Evil Awakens, with Antony I. Ginnane (Dark AgeTurkey ShootThirst) returning as a producer.patrick_poster_02


Patrick (Robert Thompson) lies in a coma in a Melbourne private hospital. He had murdered his mother and her lover three years ago by electrocuting them in the bath. Patrick, who has psychokinetic powers, falls in love with Kathy (Susan Penhaligon), the new nurse at the hospital, communicating with her via an electric typewriter.

Patrick also uses his psychokinetic powers to control the men in Kathy’s life and to defend himself against the hospital’s bitter Matron Cassidy (Julia Blake) who plots to murder him…


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“Short on gore  but high on suspense, the Hitchcockian influence is apparent and Patrick should please most fans of the genre. It’s well made and well acted and even if it does seem a little slow in spots, ultimately it delivers some quality weirdness.” Ian Jane, Rock!Shock!Pop! 

Patrick is just eccentric enough to work. It’s well-acted and directed and features a nice balance of creepy and silly moments. Franklin peoples his film with a nice mix of bizarre characters, played by genuine character actors, and places Kathy as the level-headed center of an off-kilter storm.This isn’t a film that grabs you by the throat, but rather grows on you as it goes on. More fun than frightening, it’s a worthwhile watch.” Tom Becker, DVD Verdict


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Cast and characters:

  • Susan Penhaligon as Kathie Jacquard (House of Mortal Sin)
  • Robert Helpmann as Doctor Roget
  • Rod Mullinar as Ed Jacquard
  • Robert Thompson as Patrick
  • Bruce Barry as Doctor Brian Wright
  • Julia Blake as Matron Cassidy
  • Helen Hemingway as Sister Williams
  • María Mercedes as Nurse Panicale
  • Walter Pym as Capt. Fraser
  • Frank Wilson as Detective Sgt. Grant
  • John P. Boddie as the Multi-Colored Mice

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