Howl of the Devil – Spain, 1987 – reviews

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Howl of the Devil is a 1987 Spanish film that features Spanish star Paul Naschy in one of his later roles but is no less ambitious for that. Naschy plays a bitter ex-horror film actor who works alongside his butler (played by Howard Vernon, himself star of countless genre films) in attracting prostitutes and hitchhikers back to their lair for saucy antics, only to be offed by Naschy in pleasingly gory detail whilst in a variety of horror villain get-ups.


Also along for the ride are Caroline Munro and Naschy’s son, Sergio Molina. Naschy was also the film’s director and had considerable input into the script. Attempts to make the film with all the cast, including Naschy, speaking English, in an attempt to break the British and American market that had so long eluded him, proved futile.

As well as appearing in two separate roles in the film, Naschy appears as the following characters in the film:

Frankenstein’s Monster

Mr Hyde

Phantom of the Opera



Waldemar Daninsky, the werewolf, his most famous creation

Fu Manchu


He is known for playing more horror villains than any other actor.

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“It’s obvious, as a writer, Naschy put a lot of thought into the scenario, and the layered references to Hollywood and Euro cine Fantastique are numerous and awesome to behold. Needless to say, multiple viewings are absolutely essential. Rich in metaphor and dazzling in its detailed gallery of creatures, Howl of the Devil is the Euro cult film to end all Euro cult films.”




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