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Macabre is being released in the UK on Blu-ray by 88 Films on 24th February 2020. Our previous coverage of the film is below.

A misleading poster using the same artwork as Anthropophagus!

‘Prepare yourself for the shock of a lifetime!’

Macabre – original title: Macabro – is a 1980 Italian horror feature film directed by Lamberto Bava (Twins; Body PuzzleDeliriumDemons; A Blade in the Dark; et al), starring Bernice Stegers, later in Xtro, and Stanko Molnar. It was co-written by Pupi Avati, director of The House with the Laughing Windows.

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A New Orleans wife and mother carries on a torrid affair behind her family’s back. But when a violent accident leaves her lover dead, the woman returns from a mental institution determined to pursue her forbidden desires. Has she found a ghastly new way to satisfy her lust, or is sexual depravity all in the head?

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Reviews [click links to read more]:

“It might test some viewers’ patience since the film is slow in parts and draws a lot from a fairly simple premise, but Macabre is pretty high quality, with good characters, particularly Jane and Robert, and a simple, straightforward story. There isn’t a whole lot to say about pretentious style and surrealism, as it trades those elements for drama and gritty dementia.” At the Mansion of Madness

“… feels like an over-padded television film, it could easily have been trimmed down to 50 minutes without losing anything, but it treats its morbid topic well and avoids the sleazy schlock that a director like Joe D’Amato might have brought to the project while the strong characterisation does pay off at the denouement and conclusion.” Mondo Esoterico

“Many people have criticised this film for its ending, which produced delighted laughter in the audience I went to see it with. It’s true that this makes it impossible to take the film seriously, but I don’t honestly think anyone should be trying to do that in the first place. It’s full of witty lines and deliberately OTT scenes, often taking the drama to the point of absurdity.” Eye for Film

“Slow moving and thoughtful, Bava decides to apply most of the horror to the character of Jane – but not without revealing the ugliness in others: her demonic daughter, the unforgiving ex-husband, etc. The plot unfolds like any unravelling tragedy, with Jane alternately creeping us out and demanding our affinity.” The Terror Trap

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Cast and characters:

  • Bernice Stegers … Jane Baker
  • Stanko Molnar … Robert Duval
  • Veronica Zinny … Lucy Baker
  • Roberto Posse … Fred Kellerman
  • Ferdinando Orlandi … Mr. Wells
  • Fernando Pannullo … Leslie Baker
  • Elisa Kadigia Bove … Sally

Filming locations and schedule:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana (exteriors only)
  • Salo, Lake Garda, Italy (interiors of the house)
  • 3rd December 1979 – 21st December 1979

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  1. Watched this movie on You Tube a couple of years ago. I am from and live in New Orleans so definitely caught my attention more. Even though with some parts being cheesy, I really enjoyed this movie. I have watched it several times since. If you’re a fan of 1970’s / 1980’s weird hooror films, this is definitely for you. Major fan of 70s and 80’s horror. Horror movies today just can’t come close.

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