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Midnight Son is a 2011 American vampire horror feature film written and directed by Scott Leberecht, produced by Matt Compton, and starring Zak Kilberg.


Midnight Son is the story of Jacob, a young man confined to a life of isolation, due to a rare skin disorder that prevents him from being exposed to sunlight. His world opens up when he meets Mary, a local bartender, and falls in love. Tragically, Jacob’s actions become increasingly bizarre as he struggles to cope with the effects of his worsening condition. Forced by the disease to drink human blood for sustenance, he must control his increasingly violent tendencies as local law enforcement narrow their focus on him as a suspect in a series of grisly murders…

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Midnight Son cleverly blends horror, romance, drama, and some good old-fashioned blood splatter.  It’s a genuinely spooky, wholly engrossing film that takes a well-trod genre archetype and does something unique and entertaining with it.  Fans of good, cerebral horror should definitely check out Midnight Son if you get the chance.  It is one of the best independent horror films in recent memory.” Brent McKnight, Beyond Hollywood

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“Everything about Midnight Son is intense and dark, from the skulking cinematography to the haunting yet ambient music score by talented musical artist Kays Al-Atrakchi. The final scene in the film is so brilliant and artistic, it will be with me for a long time. Scott Leberecht has single handedly given me hope in the vampire mythos and I hope to see a lot more of him in any genre in the future.” Greg Baty, Cinesploitation

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