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frankenstein meets the wolfman

Castle Films was a home-movie distributor founded in California by former newsreel cameraman Eugene W. Castle in 1924. The company originally produced business and advertising films. In 1937, Castle branched out into 8mm and 16mm home movies, buying newsreel footage and old theatrical films for home use. Castle’s first home movie was a newsreel of the Hindenburg explosion. The films were sold at camera shops, in department stores, and by mail order catalogue.


In 1947, United World Films, Inc., the non-theatrical division of Universal Pictures, purchased a majority stake in Castle Films. Castle subsequently became a Universal subsidiary, drawing upon the studio’s library of vintage films (with Abbott and CostelloBoris Karloff, etc.). Castle Films changed its name to Universal 8 in 1977, but the era of home video finally brought an end to Universal’s home-movie enterprise in 1984.

The complete inventory of Castle Films (more than 1,000 titles over 40 years) is listed in Scott MacGillivray’s book Castle Films: A Hobbyist’s Guide.

Wikipedia | Mark Evanier’s Online History of Castle Films

Castle Films book

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revenge of the creature

screaming skull
Doom of Dracula (via House of Frankenstein) Super 8 Film box
The Blob Super 8 film box

Spider(1958) 8mm movie box.
Doctor X Super 8 Film box

house of frankenstein castle films

Master Of Terror Super 8mm film

incredible melting man 8mm castle films


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