NIGHT CREATURE (1978) Reviews and overview



‘Where the hunter becomes the hunted’

Night Creature – also released as Out of the Darkness; Devil Cat and Fear – is a 1978 American horror film directed by Lee Madden (The Night God Screamed; Ghost Chase) from his own story.

Donald Pleasance, Nancy Kwan, Ross Hagen (Daddy’s Deadly Darling, Reel Horror) and Jennifer Rhodes (Slumber Party Massacre II).



In Thailand, big-game hunter Alex MacGregor (Donald Pleasence) brings a killer leopard to his private island and turns it loose so he can hunt it down. However, unexpected visitors arrive and interrupt his hunt. Meanwhile, the leopard begins to hunt the inhabitants of the island…




‘The molasses-like pacing of Night Creature hurts the movie, as well as its lack of tension. Pleasance deserved better, and so do we.’ Alan Dorich

‘Good dialogue and mood make up for an ambiguous, unresolved script by Hubert Smith.’ John Stanley, Creature Features